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  1. I don't understand how these people think this is a regular flu?! It has been proven this is a bio-weapon manufactured in a lab! We don't know if warmer weather is going to kill this thing, not even the president knows that! The churches are being closed all over the country! I pray this awakens the apostate church, because if this doesn't nothing will!!!

  2. Jerry, I understand your frustration. Not many in my circle are listening to my warnings even though many of my predictions are coming to pass. One woman was upset because the St. Patrick's Day parade was cancelled and even the bars are limiting the number of customers in the establishment at one time. Therefore, this woman went to the liquor store to stock up on booze and drink at home. I suggested that since everything was closing down it would be a good time to read the bible and be in prayer. This woman exploded on me that I need to keep my religion to myself. This person was raised in the church but is now so lost. I pray for her.

  3. My county is shutdown for 2 weeks and with what Trump has on the Table maybe longer! But we are prepared spiritually, as well as physically as possible!! A military source has hinted that the CEOs are headed to their bunkers because" The Figs are going to Start Falling" so keep a watch on that as well! Stay Blessed and Safe Jerry and my Brothers and sisters in Christ as Well!!

  4. Amen brother. I know how you feel. 2 Timothy 4:2! Thank you for being a fellow watchman. I PRAY for all my brothers & sisters who are waking up late.
    Thank you again for this video, because it helps to know I'm not the only one who wasn't believed & mocked. I pray for the mockers also. Thanks again, ~jenn

  5. Due to the Covid 19 outbreak people are going for Namaste greeting instead of handshake not realizing that it is a Hindu greeting. Instead of waking up to the danger of the sword of the Lord, they are going for one world religion eastern ways. (Isaiah 2:6)