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  1. Thank you and God bless you Pastor ! I learned so much from your teaching. In reading the comments by so many regarding OSAS, as a former Catholic, I would like to point out one thing . The very same persons who renounce the catholic belief (by some, not all) in purgatory so willingly believe in OSAS. Both have the same purpose, that is ,hopefully the wayward loved one will somehow make it to heaven. But there can be no sin heaven; hence, Jesus’ parable of the man thrown out of the banquet for not having on the proper garment-the robe of righteousness.

  2. Pastor Jerry! Hi there, I just found your video! Will you please listen to my video I posted. I was so nervous to post this a few weeks ago. Sir, I believe I saw the “Rapture” being caught up. I had this dream Aug 17th. I left a few details of my dream out because it was a stretch. I’ve since prayed steadily to learn about this dream. I’ve had so many revelations since that night. What blew me away most, the more I read scripture the more I realized what I saw.

  3. I became scared the other day I would get left behind. I was watching people on Youtube who were having rapture dreams and were left behind in their dreams. Well I have been living in repentance and overcoming sin. I asked God to please assure me somehow. I dreamt I walked up to a doormat and in big letter the doormat said BRIDE. Then I immediately woke up and knew it was my sign. I went back to sleep and I dreamt I was making unleavened bread to eat! God is so good to His children! He knew I needed that reassurance that I am doing the right thing. I pray everyday for God to purify my heart so I can please Him!

  4. People who mock those who anticipate that the Lord could come on "this day or that, for these reasons" (simply because they look forward to His appearing), are mocking them not just for hoping that He might come on a certain day, but for believing that we are even "in the season", at all…

  5. To be a liar and manipulator, in my opinion, you would have had to be giving information that you knew to be false, or, perhaps have the information for some personal gain. I do not believe either of these to be the case. Keep preaching brother.

  6. This morning I just read the book of Yonah. Read the context of chapter 3 and than read vers 10. This will underline what pastor Jerry always said about works of repentance!!
    There is works of repentance and we should do them so that YHWH will spare us and give us peace.
    Shalom to everyone

  7. I'm asking for prayers
    As I have been struggling to stop smoking with all going on,I wont make any excuses as I know I want to stop and believe any and all prayers will help me overcome this addiction.i am a born again believer for a few years now,and God has been so so good to I know and trust and believe he will heal me with this addiction.thank you,God bless all in jesus name

  8. Back in 2017 there was many possible signs for the 2nd sign of the red dragon… that creepy nebula in infrared is first, a comet, etc. Jupiter has passed them but this December, Jupiter and Saturn will have a conjunction with one another. Almost like one will devour the other. Granted the 2nd sign can be Satan himself being cast out of heaven and no astrological software can show us when that will happen. John never gave us how much time was between sign 1 and the devouring, we just assumed it was the same day back in 2017. FoT whenever it is this year looks very promising.

  9. It is a very curious planet called Jupiter.

    1. It’s clouds like stripes.

    2. A red spot as if pierced on the side.

    3. Moves on an orbit of 12 years around the sun

    4. Surrounded by four massive moons as if like four living creatures.

    5. This planet is seen as a King in most star lore.

    6. Seen as the regal planet in the Hebrew language Tzedek as the righteous one.

    His adversary is Saturn, the mythology behind Saturn has a parallel to Rev 12 verse four of the woman ready to give birth, and the dragon read to devour the male child. For Saturn (or Chronos named by the Greeks) devoured his children at birth, because he fears them taking his authority, but one son escaped through deception, and he is Jupiter. Ruben’s painting of Saturn is very graphic, and above this 1636 painting, Ruben has three six-pointed stars. In the book ‘Jesus Christ our Promised Seed’ by Victor Paul Wierwille says on page forty, ‘Saturn and Satan point to a common etymological origin’. In the Hebrew, Saturn is described as Shabbatai and is the word for the sabbath. One reason why the Hebrew adopted this word, is because the planet is slow-moving, and restful as if that of a sluggard person. A person prone to procrastination, not seen as a godly trait, for Proverb 6:6, says, Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise! The author Scott Peck in his book ‘People of the Lie’ is quite illustrative of laziness. He explains laziness that has thoroughly captivated a person’s life, leads to evil. Biblically speaking when one hears His voice one shouldn’t harden their heart as did the Hebrews in the wilderness, but come to Him to His call without delay. Not to put it off and wait at the last minute, as did sleeping virgins in His parable.

    As for the festivals, they all must occur in their seasons, and not drift. So, the festivals do point out seasons. Passover must always occur in the Spring pass the vernal equinox. The two full moon or ‘appointed times’ advents of Passover and Feast of Ingathering are full moons know through all cultures of antiquity as harvest moons, if a lunar eclipse occurs they can be a reddish coppery colour.

    As for the event to conclude in Virgo, please read Joseph Seiss ‘the Goepel in the Stars’, Ethelbert Bullinger, ‘Witness of the Stars.’ Richard Hinckley Allen. ‘Star names their lore and meaning’ and the findings of Jean Bailey and the significance of Virgo and Leo.

  10. we were excited and we watched believing. we did nothing wrong. here we watch again with joy and faith. and if we are still here guess what we open our bibles and pray and when He wants us to see , we will see …and watch and look cuz we are obeidiant and faithful. if this is my focus in life then it is glory to God as it shoud be. even if its every year for the rest of my years……i never thought you /we were wrong because it is commanded to us to watch. was a big deal and i will never forget that day/morning in 2017

  11. Please, Brothers and Sisters, pray for my family for they find solace in possessions and are lukewarm in their faith. I bring up my passion for God and His Word and they 'literally' begin to grow tired. I don't want them to be unaware/asleep when the time comes! Much Love to you all!

  12. …..the antichrist is soon to appear om this world stage…be alert true believers,relie on Yah's word and truth and not man…..we living in deceptive days…. know the WORD in your heart….what does the word says about his coming?just like lightening strikes from the east to tje west….let no man deceive you believers

  13. Last night I had a dream I was left behind. I'm very scared, yet excited. I don't know how to say it. I guess I'm worried.
    I'm an artist and draw nudity scenes sometimes, it's my job, my income. I do not watch porn, it's all drawn without reference. Should I still be worried about this? It's been bugging me.

  14. Its self proclaimed preachers like you that nearly caused me to commit suicide. Your teaching of stop sinning. Days of crying out to God to help me stop sinning. And knew the only way to stop sinning was to kill my self so as not to loose my Salvation! Your teachings are acursed as stated by the Apostle Paul. I cried out to God to help me and he brought me to Mr.. Breaker, it was Robert Breaker who taught me to rightly Divided, at that point none of the Bible contracted its self, at that moment I felt a peace in my heart that could only come to me by Christ….im in his rest. He freed me from the burden of Sin. FOR BY GRACE YOU ARE SAVED THROUGH FAITH!! THIS IS NOT OF YOUR SELVES…IT IS A GIFT OF GOD…NOT…OF…WORKS..LEAST ANY MAN SHOULD BOAST!!


    I have never felt close to God in my life knowing I'm blameless, and that it is sin that sins. I was sealed to the day of redemption! And to believe I can break a seal God himself created is the hight of hubris. I have been humbled before the throne of God for what he has done for me and forever I'll praise his name! And I can't wait till the rapture….where I cast aside thus sinful flesh and gain a new glorified sinless body… you see this life this flesh profits nothing! Our one and only goal in this life is to come to a saving knowledge of Christ….for he died for me, and because he died for my I have his rightousness not my own. When God looks at me he no longer sees my sins, he cast them as far as the east is to the west to be remembered no more. When he looks at me he sees his Son. I am an overcomer because Christ overcame sin in my place. He lived a full sinless life in my place and took the punishment meant for me. My full faith is on the blood he shed for me with his death burial and Resurrection.
    Those who have not placed their faith in Christ are trusting in their own works which are as dirty rags. Their own righteousness, they boast upon them selves and not on Christ. I have a need of a savor and he came around 2000 years ago to save me a sinner before I was even born.

  15. In my dream on sept 15th I saw a bright light. It had a gold tint to it and I was being pulled up almost like if i was a magnet and the light was attracting me to it. I was going very fast and all around me i saw these round gold lights shooting up with me. Then i saw this amazing place in the distance. It was the whitest white I've ever seen and the light was glowing all around it. The structure didnt have walls but it had huge white pillars. Then i heard " that is the throne room" then the dream was over.

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