Jerry Toney | – Just an update; Feast of Trumpets 2021 or 2022?

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Comment (36)

  1. Yehovah's blessing upon you brother, keep preaching and teaching, and working for the Kingdom! Would love to visit yall once your up and running with the Church, might have to run to the ranch when things come…. Love in Yeshua!!! ~ Always a blessing…

  2. All I know is that Christ was crucified in 28 ad and he will return to the Mount of Olives and split them down the middle exactly 2,000 years after his crucifixion which is 2028 so for people that believe in the pre tribulation rapture we are in 2021 right now

  3. Brother Jerry, God bless you, all my hope is that Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior is coming this FoT 2021 because FoT 2022 plus 7 years it will be 2029 and will exceed the 80 years generation of Psalm 90:10, come Lord Jesus, we want to be with You forever!!

  4. Hi pastor Jerry, I have a question. How can it go to 2022 before the rapture cause that would take us out of the fig tree generation and bringing it to 81 years not 80 years. I’m confused. Can you explain 2022? I understand that may 14,1948 you subtract 2021=73 +7 year tribulation =80 years. If it has to happen on feast of trumpets wouldn’t have to happen this year in October? It wouldn’t add up with the math if it goes into 2022. That would go past may 14,2022 which would bring us out of the 80 yr generation. I’m I understanding this right? Thank for your help. Thank you for all you videos and sharing Gods truth to us. God bless you.

  5. And let's not forget that we supposedly are in the 73rd year of the fig tree generation….Just my thoughts here, so if the Rapture doesn't happen until FOT 2022 then we would be out of the 73rd year of the fig tree generation and we would be in the 4 or 5 months already and well into the 74th year…So 73 and as we know 7 equal 80 and most believe that this is the length that the LORD was referring too…In other words, the Rapture seems to fit much better for 2021 then 2022…Just my thoughts..Blessings to all..

  6. Last week I dreamt I was getting married to another person and I am married but it wasn’t odd to me in my dream. my whole family (which is unsaved) thought me getting married to another person was weird and they were hanging around as I was trying to get ready and they were questioning me.
    But I wasn’t ready, I couldn’t find a dress. The groom was ready and waiting for me. However, I wasn’t rushed or panicking, I felt like I had enough time in my dream it was so many hours until I had to get married … I had like a few hours but there was a countdown. I kept trying on old dresses from previous occasions??? Like prom/ bridesmaid dresses.. I couldn’t find a dress.

    Then I had Another dream a few days later I was getting married. I was picking out a venue which was at my house ( but it wasn’t, it was a huge mansion and I chose a church background for the stage in this giant room where the reception was going to be held.
    Don’t know if that means anything or I ate something weird, but thought they were odd and I usually don’t remember my dreams but I do these. And odd I had two.

  7. Jerry. I have a question I hope I get answered. Why do you think the jab is the mark? I am a long time subscriber and friend of the channel so I ask because I haven’t seen the things that are supposed to happen happen yet that comes before the mark. Like the Seals, Trumpets, 2 Wittinesses, etc Please explain. Thnx and God Bless

  8. Jerry, do you think that the arrangement of the Shmita count of every seven years could have some sort of bearing or impact on the way we look at and try to count the correct number of years and dates of the fig tree generation, the generation that will not pass till all things be fulfilled…Could this have some bearing on the way that the fig tree generation has been looked at as we continue to try solving this mystery from the Heavenly Father…Bless you Jerry..Been with your channel since 2017…

  9. I hope with all my heart that the rapture happens this year. I’m seeing far too many people being deceived into taking the magic potion. A lot of them are family and friends who claim to be followers of Christ. My heart is breaking!

  10. Praying for a great outpouring of The Holy Spirit in your services this Sunday. God willing, my wife and I hope to someday be able to visit you. I respect your teaching the truth in this age of deception. Keep preaching. I just wish that you would post more because I search for new sermons from you every day.

  11. I’d like to share the first part of a poem from E. BRONTE that has meant something to me since I was very young.
    No Coward Soul Is Mine
    No coward soul is mine
    No trembler in the world's storm-troubled sphere
    I see Heaven's glories shine
    And Faith shines equal arming me from Fear.

  12. Good day everyone, my name is Svelke, from South Africa. I am a loyal follower of this channel. Thank you for your work, it's spreading the good news across the world. I wondered if there had been a video made to show people the increase of the birth pains? This is something that the Lord is heavily placing on my heart. So many people are of the view that natural disasters, wars and rumors of wars, illness etc have always been there. I agree, but what they need to see is the detrimental increase. I think that might also shed some light on how it links to the woman in trivial. The birth pains are getting more frequent and more intense. If I look at everything going on, what I feel spiritually is that we are at the point where the birth pains or at maximamum strength and a minute or two apart, meaning that the birthing is about to happen. This is also perfectly in conjunction with a dream I had about 3 years ago about the rapture. I will gladly share my dream with you. Shalom