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  1. Jerry I have run into many wolves in sheep's clothing. And called them out! Wow!! The rage in them is real. So I would break out the double edge sword to divide the man's spirit and soul to see what the spirit is!! Lying spirit, most of the time with a sneaky smile…And you are correct No such thing as once saved always saved.. Thank you for your boldness Let's do everything to make our mark in jesus christ name we pray Amen..

  2. You are so blessed, my marriage he is so cold. I think I'm going to walk a way. All I want is love and my jesus and my God and a good church. . And food. Pray for me God will help me no what to do.

  3. Pastor Jerry, you are one of two people that are my spiritual leader. We left the Methodist church 3 years ago in search of a pastor who teaches we must seek to walk as Jesus, as we sin every day we must fight to be holy and righteous and REPENT daily of our sins. People read Romans 8:38-39 and say we can no loose our salvation. They are manipulating the verses to prove a false teaching. Paul was saying that the LOVE of Christ cannot be taken. thank you Pastor Jerry, love you dear brother.

  4. Thank you Pastor Jerry for speaking the truth. I'm so grateful that the Holy Spirit got a hold of me because when I look back there are decades I called myself a Christian and yet I was still in love with the world. It's only the grace of God that gripped my heart and I cried out to God that I didn't want to remain the way I was and He was faithful to deliver me!!! Blessing to you and Verla.

  5. Thank you. I have cried the whole way through because you are correct, if the Holy spirit hadn't come on me..I know that I would have been damned, but had been believing that I would have gone to heaven. I am all alone in this. I should be used to that fact but sometimes my thoughts on my children come to mind. Everyone knows how I feel. I just about chased them with it..before I completely knew his word. I appreciate your word from his Holy spirit and sharing your personal stories. Please if you would pray for my children and me. I would appreciate that. Have a blessed night.

  6. Thank you Pastor, I am grateful that we had a shutdown because it has opened my eyes to Jesus. I was lost for 45 years and finally have come to know God that the church has never taught me. I pray every day that God shows me the truth(after realizing that I have been living in deception) and He has led me to this channel among other things.

  7. I am amazed ( in a bad way) when Christians tell people they do not need to repent. See Yeshua/Jesus with the adulterous woman telling her to go and sin no more, which is another way of saying repent. Blessings.

  8. Godbless you for this video it touched my heart. I lost my husband of 38 years 2 years ago. Hes in heaven an my heart still aches i miss him so much. He was my life partner. God brought me out of my depression when he passed. Things are very difficult now please pray for my family an me. Godbless you

  9. That's so true Jerry…….
    continual conviction keeps us close to Jesus…..always felt mocked in the organization….l love the solomness of Jesus..Jesus and Rapture is the chat ……..the fake church wants the world to love them…..Brian Houston l.heard is planning 2021 conference…..what a waste of speech……your best life now is so useless….abuse of Grace is a major sin….now these fakes are shaking hands with the Pope and that serpent Vatican…..come Lord Jesus….l love you….♡Tony ….Sydney

  10. Wow… Jerry… you know… A pleasure to hear you… I consider repentance to be a daily matter… because we all sin in word, thought or deed every day… I look forward to seeing you on trumpets, soon… God bless and remain the humble brother you are… Maranatha. In Christ.

  11. I "stumbled" across your dream post on my home page. Of course I know it was God. Oddly parts to your story are similar to mine. The Holy Spirit confirms your words and teaching/preaching. My husband and I, having been set apart, are grateful we were led to your channel.

  12. Thank you brother, I always get information from your YouTube channel!
    May the Lord Jesus Christ bless and keep your family! Amen
    P.s. if I may ask you brother if you somehow can shoot me an email I have a very important message about something you can share and get the word out on.