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Lucifer the father of sin and iniquity…
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  1. Thank You for stating and emphasizing that Lucifer is just a created being, That hit my spirit like a breath of fresh air. I've been struggling with a few things and that statement surely did help. God Bless you Brother…

  2. @Pastor Jerry, Did you know your counter for thumbs up and down doesn't do anything ? Pastor Jerry, be thankful you don't have COPD. It's really horrible and scary. Take care of yourself. Wear a mask outside.. keeps allergy down.

    Well I see these crazy drivers are all over the place.

    I have a friend, Hes confusing. He was married twice and has a son. He's been involved in witchcraft and was a witch. He was gay in high school. Presently He's transgendered. He was Catholic, Baptist, Witch, and now Methodist. We came on this subject cause, my pains totally disappeared. Then I remembered I prayed and asked Jesus to remove these pains. The next day… we were talking. He told me that my prayers are like witchcraft.. …its all spiritual. This man, Preaches both services, teaches Sunday School and never misses a Sunday. It totally frustrates me. He knows better, and still . . I'm so unbelievably distressed. I looked up to him… thinking …he knows more than me. Gee, turns out….I think I'm ahead in this game. He never even mentioned, my testimony. I'm just blown away.

  3. Thank you Pastor I subscribe to your channel few months back from this Native American from Klamath Falls Oregon Modoc I think you and may the good Lord bless you and yours for me I in mine referred to him as the Lord Jesus Christ I'm very proud to be Modoc Native American but I don't follow the religious Creator suckerfish era we call him Lord Jesus Christ although I do enjoy my eagle feathers may the good Lord bless you and thank you for your service and times that are hard especially with YouTube God bless you and your thank you for your service amen thank you for your word needed it today

  4. I used to do all those things you did too. I've given myself to God. I thank God, Hes saved me from cancer, not once, 3 times. If I talk to people and they're cursing.. I tell them to please stop. Its offensive and wrong.

  5. What about the book of Thomas in the end of the book of John Ch 20 / 27 than Smith he to Thomas reach hither thy finger and behold my hands and reach hither thy hand and thrust it into my side: and not faithless, but believing
    What did Thomas have to say? Why were we robbed of so many books thank you for your time that you sped I appreciate you and you care keep up with your works thank you

  6. Thank you Jerry! Not many teaching correction these days. Many need it. And it doesn't hurt any of those who have crucified the flesh. And if it convicts, let it do its work folks. Believe on Jesus, repent of your sins. It's a wonderful life walking in the truth. Keep at it Jerry!

  7. Another cut to the bone, message!! I needed to hear this tonight, Pastor. It kept popping up on YouTube, as I was surfing for messages and other information. You are a true Messanger of CHRIST…and I thank GOD for anointing you, and HIS word, through you. Surely, our HEAVENLY FATHER has special Blessings in store for you! 'Let's just lift our hearts toward Heaven, and praise the LORD.'♡♡♡

  8. Amen. Powerful. Thank you. Very sorry about your dad. That’s heartbreaking. My dad isn’t saved yet either but I’ve been preaching the gospel to him and praying for him. No one in my family or my in laws are saved. My husband and I have been preaching the gospel to them and repentance. I’m praying they remember after the rapture what we told them.