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I had a dream last night that I want to share;
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  1. Hi, brother. I had a dream last night that will interest you: I was walking past a garden-center and noticed all the furniture broken and piled up outside, despite looking new. I asked a guy if I could rescue bits and pieces and, when he agreed, started to look around; immediately finding a little crimson-bound copy of the epistle of James. Then I woke.

    Amazingly, as I turned on the TV whilst I ate my breakfast, David Pawson was teaching on the lie of Calvinism and cheap grace, referring to the book of James!

    I think the garden-centre represents the church, which is so wrapped up with trying to be contemporary that it's prepared to throw out discipling believers to forsake the things of this world.

    Our Father is not happy with the cheap-grace teachers. God bless, you. Christopher

  2. Thank you brother for the sharing of your dream. What I got out of this message is war is coming and is here and for us as believers not to worry but stay focused …..from what you stated about your dream, you were asked if you knew what to do and you agreed….and did it, then you came back and rested and did it again. Throughout this war you and those with you are protected.
    When Jesus calls his people to arms it is not proper to concern yourself with his working in others, that is his matter. Your life with Christ is different than my life with Christ as it is different than any other life in Christ….if I stay or if I go I will serve the Lord Jesus Christ…if I have to crawl in the back windows I will…No one will keep me from my Lord and I will not rest till I see his face and weep with JOY. If someone says they are with Jesus then I let Jesus do his work. Jesus knows where I am at within him, just as he knows where we all are with him.
    Much LOVE to all my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus….Real-Real is just about to show the world what is up. Exciting times we are in. May the strength of our LORD work through all His members for the Glory of GOD.

  3. I'm with you Pastor Jerry. In the spiritual battle, and beyond, if God wills…I will stand in Jesus! No matter what form the battle takes, no matter what form the enemy takes, I will to stand in the front by the grace of God and the Blood of Jesus!

  4. We are called to obeisance to God. Many are confused about this…….but we are also called to pray for others and life others up even if they are wrong or confused it doesn’t matter they still believe in Jesus. We fight against the flesh always. Ones that we need to talk and f pray for are the lost that don’t believe or won’t believe. These are the ones that really need our prayers and help. Amen brother

  5. I had a similar dream less than a week ago where it was me and two others in the enemies camp. I knew it was a place where we weren't supposed to be but I felt comfortable about it and the enemies could not see us. The dream then changed to where there was 2 people with me just as before, but there was an older man and a younger boy. There was an LMG on the ground and I decided to take up arms and mount it while the older man and the younger boy were hiding under a blanket. They were telling me to take cover and I told them no even though I thought about taking cover. There were these weird creatures coming at me in a field and creature after creature as I would fire would dissappear. Then one got very close to my position and when I fired some weird blue-ish green substance that was oblong and rectangular shaped came vomiting out of that creature. Don't know if it means anything in particular but I believe it may have been from the Lord.

  6. WOW powerful message. I had someone unfriend me because I came against the two preachers, Tim Henderson and Barry Scarbrough, that he followed . Saying I had no right to say anything or teach anything because I am a woman, and "real men aren't supposed to be taught by women", as he put it. ,I know we are supposed to pray for lost people, but then again this is one of those times where one needs to dust off the soles of his feet and move on.

  7. Thank you Jerry your word this morning for me it is morning in UK has really cleared up a few points that I was wrestling with and has Blessed me!
    Thank you so much Brother.
    Much Love and Many Blessings to You and Your Family in Jesus Holy Name…..Amen

  8. Thank you so much for this message. It helped me more than any other message I have heard. I am going to wage war against the enemy in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ – the name that is above ALL names – for my children, husband and loved ones. God Bless you and your family and loved ones!

  9. Thank you, Pastor Jerry for your messages of hope & encouragement & good Biblical Truth. Please pray for me that I'm completely made whole, healthy & well and I am Restored completely from woman's issues and tongue cancer. I am Healed In The Name of Jesus! Thank you so much for your concern & prayers, they're appreciated. God's Blessings to you & your family Amen❤

  10. Brother Jerry, thank you so much for preaching the truth. We are certainly in a spiritual battle against Satan and his demons. Putting on the full armor of God and avoiding iniquity is so very critical in the days ahead. If we do this the Lord gives us his peace. God Bless You and your Ministry!

  11. Yes it's happening and I believe something is going to happen in California or surrounding area. Their saying earthquake warning high for next 72 hours with the highest being tomorrow. Since when do we predict earth quakes?