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    From the beginning of Trump's tenure which begun on the 20th Jan 2017 to the 15th Sept 2020 when The Abraham's Accord (Peace Agreement) will be signed in Washington next week Tuesday is exactly 1335 days.


    Daniel 12:12
    Blessed is he who waits, and comes to the one thousand three hundred and thirty-five days.

  2. Great channel Pastor. You are so right, the Feast days are the Lord Calendar! The spring feasts were fulfilled on their exact days. So will the fall feasts be. Jesus said they are dress rehearsals for the real thing. But you are to there ready and looking for the Lord on that day. So we have had 1000's of rehearsals over the centuries. And of coarse we pray that it is soon!! But if the Lord does not come this year then I will be just as vigilant next and the year after that on the feast of Trumpets until that day comes. And if I pass away and the Lord has not returned yet. Then at least I was in the right place at the right time as He instructed. And of coarse, be in the Lords presence forever! Amen!!

  3. I thought of something the other day that really struck me and that's the COVID-19 vaccination, it's a literal perfect component to be the Mark of The Beast.. It would be a mandatory vaccination that everyone needs around the entire world and if you won't take it then you'd be a risk to society so they would stop you from coming into stores if you didn't have your vaccination, you wouldn't be able to buy anything or sell anything because of the risk that you're not vaccinated and eventually it will lead to the Anti-Christ killing you if you did not take it. It makes perfect sense for me that whatever vaccination or chip comes out for this virus is the Mark of The Beast

  4. I had a dream over the 4th of July weekend about the rapture where all of those who were saved knew that it was about to happen so we went outside into the streets and lifted up our hands and started praying and worshiping and all of a sudden they were gone, then all those left behind that got to witness this event immediately started evangelizing bcuz they knew it was Jesus. In the dream it seemed to remind me of the Lara me Jesus told about the thief in the night and that if you weren’t paying attention you wouldn’t know at what hour but if you were paying attention you would know when he comes

  5. I thought you guys may want to see this. Please forgive me if not.
    UAE-ISRAEL HOLDING INTERCONTINENTAL SHABBAT TO BEGIN THE "PRE-MESSIAH DOUBLE SABBATH". The next "Double Sabbath" is going to happen on September 18-20. Is it going to matter which day someone thinks the Sabbath is? Saturday, or Sunday, THE DOUBLE SABBATH IS STILL GOING TO HAPPEN. ROSH HASHANAH/ FEAST OF TRUMPETS. RAPTURE IMMINENT!!!

  6. lord Jesus and angels knows d day and hour bcoz ds is d last day…bcoz Lord Jesus never said"no man WILL knows d day and hour"maybe some people knows and hve a vision about when is d rapture bcoz in last day many people saw a vision…hard to explain in englsh but hope youv undrstand wt im sayng….RAPTURE WILL SHOCK D WORLD

  7. I pray He is coming! Lord take us home please!! There is nothing good in this life… this world without you! You are our everything! Thank you for your blood and redemption! Looking forward to going home. I feel sorry for the grief our world and sin and those who have not accepted you… has given you. Thank you Jesus.. Thank you Our Perfect Father and thank you for your beautiful Holy Spirit. Amen

  8. I don't know that I would agree 100%. I was blown away many years ago when I first heard teaching about the Biblical Feasts. It's fascinating. Ever since then I get very excited every Fall because I know that Jesus will most likely return at that time of the year. I think we can know that, yet not know for certain which year so either interpretation would work. This year is particularly strange and different and heaven is more appealing than it has ever been. Thanks for your video. I've subscribed.

  9. Wow, thank God because this is exactly what I needed to hear. For the past few days I've been so emotional and when I speak the verse "he who has ears to hear Let Him hear what the spirit says unto the churches" I literally cry I hear in sermons and it keeps being revealed to me. I'm not sure why. And as of yesterday up until this morning my stomach feels like queasy and my soul just feels stirred. I'm not sure how to describe it but it's like this overwhelming anxiousness not to the point of fear ,but more excitement. I am so ready to see our Heavenly Father Again.

  10. Im 14 and Yesterday i wa praying to god because i have been dealing with sin and trying to fight it and while i was praying i just started feelingthis peace and tingling feeling i never felt anything like that before and right away i knew it was the holy spirit. And i am so excited for his return!

  11. People in the church love to twist the Words of Jesus and the apostles to misuse scriptures like no man knows the day or hour to say no man knows. That was not what Jesus was saying. He was referring to the 1000 year Day of the Lord and its coming on the new moon of the Jewish month TISHRI. We don’t know what hour the Day will begin.

  12. Please do not send, me this man's videos any more! He Truly believes that his filthy rages RIGHTOUSNESS will get him to Heaven He doesn't understand the very basics of Salvation through the finished work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I hope he repents, and believes the gospel!!!