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What would you do if you only had one week?
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  1. Paul Kwiatkowski 6606 convent blvd. Apt 125 Sylvania, Ohio 43560 I would like the Bible with text large enough for me not to have to squint please and thank you very much and may God Yeshua ha mashiach Jesus Christ whatever his true name may be.. Have mercy on us all and pastor whether it's a week or the moment from now the message should be the same repentance humility forgiveness and kindness to others even our enemies

  2. Thankyou for teaching the Word without comprise. Glad to see you even so online at The Church on the Ranch. So waiting on the coming of the Lord! Please pray for me as I have painful earaches. Love you and Feel a God Bless you.

  3. I have been trying to get my family to go to church and read their Bible. I tell them every day a lot that is happening. God is using me in prophecy to share with my family. Most of my family is in church today and starting to live for God. If I only had a week. I would like to see all my family serving God. But I will put my faith in God that my prayers will be answered.

  4. We just had a fire at the Pasadena TX Celanese plant yesterday. I live in Pasadena not far from the plant. We have had a ton of rain from Imelda and there are so many people flooded again. I know my aunt in Vidor just outside of Beaumont got knee deep water in her house again. She had just got back into her house after Hurricane Harvey which was waist deep water. Texas is really hurting bad, please pray for us. Thank for pastor Toney

  5. It is extremely sad that so many people are not awakened to the truth that God is coming for his church.
    They just don’t want to listen. I even see it in my own family.
    Thank you for the preaching and the information you give us in this end of times.

  6. Hello from England , I'm highlighting places in my Bible and jotting biblical verses down in a notebook for family or strangers to find after I'm gone so they can know our God and Saviour JESUS CHRIST.. NOBODY seems to want to heed the warnings of the tribulation and his return .

  7. Wow what an eye opening sermon. This really hit home. I believe we are so close and I can't even imagine what this world will be like after the rapture. I know that I do not want to be here for that. I pray that I am ready for it to happen. I pray for those who will be left behind. I can't even imagine the shock that people will feel.

  8. Based on your message I feel as if I am going to hell because I commit sins on a daily basis. Somedays, I cuss a motorist out or somedays I may hate on a person abusing a child, etc. I repent for my sins but somedays I just am not without sin.

  9. I feel i fall so short of being righteous. I so much condemn myself even though I do not intentionally go out wanting to cuss out a motorist who cuts me off in traffic or I get angry and starting hating at my neighbor for AB or C reasons, I judge myself.and pray tonJesus for forgiveness. I still feel like a wretched sinner.