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  1. Amen brother, there is such a sense of urgency, not fear, on my heart. Our King is returning to, judge , rule and reign. Hallelujah, all glory to God. May He find us all about his business when he returns. Thank you for your message and service. Keep shining and spreading Gods love. May He bless and keep you and yours. In Jesus name amen.

  2. Wonderful message Brother Jerry! To be a little over six minutes long, I believe it is the most sincere message I have ever heard! My Brothers and Sisters repent, give Jesus your sin and keep a daily walk with him. Draw near to God and he draw near to you Brothers and Sisters! God Bless You and thank you Brother Jerry!

  3. Yep…that was certainly not from Pastor Toney…that was straight from The Holy Spirit. But still many will be offended, be blind, be deaf, misinterpret, mock and scoff and many will agree but are just to lazy to actually get on their knees, look at their lives and actions and ask Jesus to forgive them and change them. Repentance is a process for those who desire Holiness. Repentance is the joyful, productive and blessed honor of those who are willing to work for the Kingdom because they understand the grace that has already been given…Repentance is for those who actually want to hear "well done, thy good and faithful servant." Repentance is for those who don't want to look, walk or talk in any way like the world when our Savior comes.

  4. I really do appreciate these short words from the Lord Pastor. I would suggest that people take a fresh and hard look what it Actually looks like to give your life to Jesus. What is that actually mean? It's not just your eternal salvation but it is your current life in its entirety and all of your thoughts behaviors and actions to the living Lord. It is a constant and purposeful act of repenting and walking in righteousness and obedience if you are doing anything short of that you really have not given your "life" to Him. You have only placed your hope in Him while retaining your life that you are currently living.