Jerry Toney | – Special Report… 1-15-2020

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Comment (13)

  1. You are not preaching works sir. You are preaching truth. I never thought I’d see the day where people who love Jesus and strive to live how He has COMMANDED us, would be labeled as Pharisees. I heard another minister I follow say “Grace is a doorway, not a doormat.” So true. I really enjoy your channel ❤️

  2. Meanwhile back here in America , in the state of Virginia , that no account governor is ramping up on taking down the 2nd amendment that will ultimately result in a second civil war which , in all probability, cause Martial Law to be put in place. Why isn't Trump doing or saying anything about that? Everybody is so wrapped up in Iran that they completely ignore what is going on here. I call that a deliberate distraction by our own government in order to bring about the end of America .

  3. I love the remarkable Christian revival that is happening with the Iranian people. They are tremendous people who love our Lord and are willing to preach to fellow Iranians in the face of death or imprisonment from their vicious regime/dictatorship. I hope the 70% figure is correct and pray that many more Iranian people come to Christ. They are an inspiration and indicative of the time we are living in. Thank you Brother Jerry for posting this.