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  1. God Bless Pastor Jerry and Baby Cakes. I love your video's and always have. Just recently I am starting to leave post on your channel after all these years. I have had a Relationship with Christ for 45 years as of July 4th 2020. I believe you are chosen of God. I think your exactly right about something coming very soon, And it is very serious. Something in my spirit is telling me to pray without ceasing and stay as close to the Lord at all times. These people who enjoy Hating others are getting ready to experience something so horrific, They will wish they never Hated anyone or anything as long as they have lived. Please keep up your great work. Amen.

  2. He had a post last week saying oct.17th that he was going to announce that JFK is alive and he was going to be his running mate..I guess we will see..I feel also in my sprit everyday that somthing big is coming right around the corner,just when we think not…

  3. Funny thing is that I Can't find ONE Time that Trump has declared that Jesus Christ is Lord!??? That's a Problem folks! And on top of that Trump thinks that he doesn't need to Repent because he says that he hasn't done anything to Repent for!! YEAH; DID YOU ALL HEAR THAT!??? LOOK UP THE VIDEO HERE ON YOUTUBE FOLKS AND WAKE UP!!!
    Here's the link

  4. I went threw Cherokee texas today thinking I might find Jerry Toney. Lol. I saw a little white church and drove around a few minutes before scooti g back home. Only to realize you live in Comanche. Lol. God bless you

  5. Hey jerrey! I want to ask you where I can get info on this and where? Because as I spend time with the lord each day I like to go and connect things and speak with the lord and all that so I’m just asking where I can get info on this…

  6. They are preparing for second lockdown.
    Yes, the holy spirit told me to get food and water.
    I asked if I was going to need blankets (because I had not enough for winter), Yes, he told me, and also showed me coats.
    My 9 yrs old daughter, had a dream a month ago, she was walking in the dream with her dad, and saw airplanes, (she thought, its starting to look like rapture), after that her dad saw spaceships, and asked her, what is that?, my daughter said, alien spaceships, lets go home and pray.

  7. Pastor, today is Thursday and I must have missed any announcement. Was there a press conference? Hubby and I spent the day shopping for items we needed to add to our pantry. I set the alarm for 8 AM (on the west coast) but I haven’t seen anything.