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  1. Jerry, I for one know without a shadow of a doubt that our lives are a gift from God! All of us should cherish our lives and make the most of however much time we have! We need to show the Father how grateful we are by living for Him! Life is an amazing gift and we only get one chance to live it!

  2. Some (the worldly) may not like what you say but brother you are true to scripture. Amen! I actually, do the homework of following along in my Bible or reading it after I listen. I follow and greatly appreciate your Bible filled videos. And thank you!
    Have a blessed day brother and much love to your wife and sweet puppy. Hallelujah!

  3. I'm with you Pastor! Can't print anything for a bit as God answered the desire of my heart and got us out of Tampa. We are in the middle of a welcome, though sudden, move to the hills of Cherokee County Georgia. We could use prayers for this.
    Yes, I have 3 adult, unsaved children that need prayers for salvation.

  4. I detected a grasping jezabel spirit in a christian friend of mine and rebuked him in his works
    I told him that I can't be around unclean spirits
    He stopped talking to me
    Problem solved I guess

    Yeah those lines are being drawn
    I've been under contant attack but I think I am starting to understand why
    Thanks to fine folks like you

  5. I agree with you pastor Jerry. I understand the rightly dividing however i see how its misunderstood because we are to take all scripture and apply it to our lives. And that does conflict with me. And yes if you are saved you must obey and do the works of him who is in you. Thank you for this message.

  6. Pastor The Lord has shown me all week Matthew 6.24 we can't serve 2 masters. Also Romans 8.29 God is shaping our character to look just like His Son on the inside and behave like Him on the outside. Also I have been married to my husband for 47 years who is not saved. I will mail you his name and picture. I am believing for a miracle. Thank you

  7. All of the "Christians" that call you a "works preacher" or who reject any sort of Repentance FROM Sin or doing ANY type of action or service unto the Lord our GOD or who criticize those who are seeking all of the Productive, Fruit- Bearing Righteousness that comes from walking in Repentance….are wrong!!! WAKE UP!! They are just fodder for the Mockers Outside of the Body of Christ and they are the very Mockers themselves that are within the Body of Christ! Many have taken this dangerous Once Saved Always Saved, No Repentance from Sin, Nothing you can do to "Add" to your salvation, etc etc- have taken this doctrine way to far, to the point of borderline Apostasy. They miss the Big Picture what God is doing and are missing out on walking in Spirit and Power in these End Times in order to be a true Overcomer. They are missing out on wrecking Satan's plans via Walking in God's Kingdom, right now! Many will miss out on many Rewards that Jesus wants to give to us. They are not the Remnant, they are not the Bride. They are Bridal guests, at best. They are Spectators to the wedding Feast of the Lamb, at best. There are those who are alive, right NOW, who will be caught off guard, like a thief in the night..many will be ready and taken and many will not be ready and will be left behind. He is coming…make very sure you are ready at any given time. Hallelujah.

  8. We call the twisting around of numbers and misquotes and such as "bringing out the rubber-chicken graph". LoL
    Blessed are we by HIS' grace n mercies…blessed is the path HE has placed in my spirit even today…may I fulfill HIS' destiny in my life…and I pray for you all to serve and not only be served, AMEN

  9. I agree God's Love to all of you +my I asking for prayers for right now because of danger to andGloria in my home Equipment running in area and-around house and under!!Calling police officers for Help Electrical currents coming in House mostly at night!!please pray and for my almost 2yearpuppy at times she is barking a lot from this it is a- Tsicking feeling Thank you very much and my prayers !!!for all you!!

  10. Such a comfort to have your strength and knowledge to show the lost, the way to JESUS. We love you, Pastor. Thank you, for ALL that you do!!! Please pray for Autumn, Cody & Jenn, Chris, John and Marian…and all family members. GOD knows who they are. Much love, in CHRIST..

  11. I’ve mailed you photos and their names of my unsaved family. GOD bless you brother. I’ve been praying for years for them and yes I will continue to pray for them. YES I will pray for them!!!! That’s all I know I can do. I love your channel and your messages too