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Narrow is the way and few there be that find it….
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  1. Thank you Pastor Toney!! When I was Born Again (a new Christian) I was so hungry for knowledge & understanding of the Bible. Every Christian church I went to left me not only starving but completely underwhelmed with the entire experience. Not a single Christian in my family so I was on my own to learn what I so desperately was searching for…
    Put your trust in Jesus…
    Read your Bible…
    Start a home ministry…
    Repent daily.

  2. Excellent Word Jerry. Separating myself from divisiveness with UnGodly people has been my struggle. Keep me in prayer. I need to surrender everything to Jesus. I know Jesus is showing us that we need to trust Him completely. This is not going to turn around. I know Jesus is coming really really soon. God Bless.

  3. Thank you Pastor. This really spoke to me today and reaffirmed my own beliefs. Repentance requires a metanoia and a toba that so many do not have or portray. I wish more would understand the times we’re living in and the desperate need to make changes in the heart, mind, and soul. God bless you.

  4. Great Word!! When we Repent…we Turn FROM sin….not continue ON in it!!  There's something in ALL of us that need to be repented of each day!! The Bible says if we will Judge Ourselves….we will not be judged!  Thank you Jerry!! All of us need that Word!!

  5. I really think in the days of NOAH before the flood….there were billions of people…..kind of like today…..unless there were less from a war or something like that or a plague or from something else unthinkable

  6. Amen Brother Jerry! That was a wonderful message! I pray that it will reach and touch many! Jesus can clean us, but we must repent of our sins and ask the Lord to help us walk the narrow way! The Bible makes it clear, we must repent!

  7. Amen pastor I love what. You've shared with me you are a true friend in Christ I've watched you a couple of times some people on you tube do contest that u are saved by this and saved by that the only way u can truly be saved and go into the rapture is to be a true body in Christ I've given up everything for god. And my life is much better than I have ever been I'm ready to get out of here and be with god for ever I've actually known god for a long time I've backslidden and I've gotten back up.

  8. I am so glad to have stumbled upon your channel few months ago and learned about the Rapture at the Feast of Trumpets just as 3 years before I came across this book "Pigs in a Parlor" by Frank Hammond with regards to how to recognize seducing spirits and casting out of demons. Your channel and this book have been such a tremendous blessing to me and my family. God bless and watch over you and your family.

  9. My dad always said, you don’t have to go the church to believe in God. This is the best advice dad every gave me because all I need is my bible which has given me the ability to walk in the light of god. People have to understand that they must open their bibles, it will show them the way, Jesus and God will bring them the understanding. You have been a great blessing to me Jerry, thank you, may Gods blessing continue to be upon you my friend.

  10. I went to a fairly big church Once when I had no food and needed help. I was told they only help their members of their congregation. I was ready to find a new church. NOT THAT ONE! Never have I walked into a church and been turned completely away. I said to them, I live in this congregations neighborhood and you have food, but your not willing to help a sister in Christ with a disability who has fallen on hard times? I said well God Bless you and good luck with your church at this rate, it is going to fail.

  11. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you for preaching the actual Bible. I have stopped going to church a long time ago because I could see the hypocracy and the soft teachings that are going to send souls to the pit. Half truths and not preaching repentance in the Church is like a child going to school and the teachers only teaching the children numbers and the alphabet and saying their educated enough with the basics. Thank you again. Please pray the seducing spirit of nicotine be cast out of me as well as caffeine. It bothers my spirit, but I seem captive to it. I pray for strength.

  12. Brother Jerry, when you said the Lord showed you there will be whole towns where no one will be rapture…That was so chilling. Because we are all thinking it will be like the movies where a bunch of people, everywhere are raptured up, but the Lord did say few find that narrow road. Are you of the belief that all children will be raptured? Even those of the unsaved? I do not have a solid stance on that because I don't have enough scriptural evidence. & I know if we look at the days of Noah & Lot, the children were killed as well. It could be the same at the rapture, but I also know the Lord is rich in mercy, so I can't say for certain.

  13. Brother Jerry I also attended a baptist church .Just like you are talking about,So many people I know believe on Once in grace .,.No fruit as you say…so many like that I also tell them it is a personal repentive surrendered relationship with God.And growing and changing.Thank u for your Powerful word.

  14. My ministry was shut down and I was shunned in my church of 20 years, all because demons began manifesting when I prayed for people (some had been in the church for years but were in bondage to sin). The pastor and some congregants freaked out (this was an apostolic church) because some who had been bound by witchcraft were having strong manifestations, and the deliverance ministry was being interrupted by "leaders" who were worried for the many who might be offended. If everyone would understand that Jesus' ministry involved demons being exposed and coming out, screaming, along with healing and teaching, then perhaps we wouldn't have so many who pray to be saved continuing on in sin. Sinners who repent often need deliverance!! It should be normal. We open the door to the devil in our churches when we reject the fullness of the Lord 's commission.

  15. I just found your channel this evening; no coincidences with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I lose sleep at night due to knowing there will only be a remnant spared. Not because I am thinking of myself.. I am so heartbroken for the Humans that are still stuck in this Matrix. Yes.. I use the term Humans because there are mostly Satan's seeds that dwell here.. As The Days of Noah.

  16. My testimony exactly! My whole family is full of Baptist pastors and church workers and they have looked down upon my husband and myself and children. The reason is because I asked questions and dared to compare what the Bible said to how they acted. I watched the gossip, anger, sarcasm, comparisons with other churches, pride, perfectionism etc. I never saw one member go forward in church to ask for prayer or confess any imperfection of any kind to one another. You are so spot on! I have never believed in “once saved, always saved”. It can’t be true.
    Also, don’t understand what dispensationalism does is just “add to” the scripture and complicate the gospel. I could go on and on.

  17. Amen. Thank you brother for reminding us our authority in Christ Jesus and how important it is for us to cast down every thought, every imagination that is against the will of God. Thanks for sharing.