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  1. Yup my kids, adults, quit talking to me last week, their done with my eze. Warnings, I'm ready to go! Michigan lost our first covid pt at the hospital I work at a couple days ago. So surreal seeing it on the news.

  2. Do watching Paul Begley was interesting last night, my brother got saved, I hear PB call out his name, I texted my brother it was him. Do you believe these Tony that these supposed meteorites are coming?

  3. I went to Costco in Fort Worth the other day. The line to get in wrap around the side of the building almost to the back of the store. They were only allowing in maybe 30 people at a time. All the employees had gloves on . When you checked out , you had to maintain about a 6 foot distance to the cart in front of you at the cashier. The cashier said that she was not allowed to touch your card even though she was wearing gloves . Costco is taking this very seriously.

  4. Thank you Jerry Toney for moving when t Jesus gives you a word I love you and Verla I pray for a hedge of protection around you and all your viewers in Jesus name Amen 2 Chronicles 7:3 "For He is good, For His mercy endures forever."

  5. Amen pastor! I totally agree there are pastors out there getting sucked into some of these conspiracies coming out of Q Anonymous and all that other nonsense. I have to stick with what the word of God says which tells us there will be plagues and pestilence as part of the beginning of Sorrows. That is exactly what we are seeing and will continue until the son of man comes out of the clouds in all of his glory along with his Saints. So this is no hoax, this is not some ploy to get control over people, yes, they will still use this to do that…but This virus is very bad and it's only going to get worse. And I'm not denying that there are other things at play here, but people need to stick to the word of God and quit being led astray with speculation and conspiracy. Because when they do this they start to lose all accountability with their followers.9

  6. In a group conversation I said that watching the news is like reading Bible prophecy. One scoffer suggested that I stop watching the news. A woman said she would not forsake her children, several of whom are gay, for Jesus, what more can be said?

  7. The truth is GOD gave us a simple instruction manual, so all things go togeather perfectly, this world does not have time to read it, all will wish they read it, but that will be too late. Pray for all to come to our saviour Jesus!

  8. Thank you for being a blessing to my wife and I. I pastor a small church and I’m trying to awaken my people to Jesus’ coming. I believe Jesus is coming very soon. Pray for us as we try to spread the gospel. We enjoy listening to your videos.

  9. Took me a moment to figure out what to say here. I am a quiet person now and keep to myself. But 4 years roughly was sitting in the bar by myself and wondering what happen to my life. At that moment I said God if you do this one thing for me, I will change my ways. Out of no where boom it happened. So at that point I started my journey and it was not a perfect walk but God corrected me with the iron rod any time I needed it to keep me on the right path. Overcoming one thing after another with him by my side over the last 4 years. Looking back at it now saying, it was all worth it. Repenting and admitting I was wrong when I was and focusing on the goal of getting to him. This is the first time ever saying hi or talking to you and wanted to say two things. Ty to God for having you here to help me and many other on our walk. Also thanking you for what you do. God bless you and your family and be safe.

  10. I can relate as my son continues to disrespect me because I refuse to accept his homosexuality. He became a lawyer last May and refuses to get a job because he has made it his job to continually look for reasons to sue me…the first, trying to prevent me from guardian advancey of my 29 year old Down syndrome daughter who has lived with me her whole life and is about to inherit several hundred thousand dollars from her father. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

  11. Thank you for preaching the truth. Truth is very hard to find now. I thank God for the Profits that have the courage and the wisdom to stand on God's word. Time is short. May God bless and protect you. Praying for you.


  13. My brothers father n law was just confirmed positive. He is in leadership at my mom and dads church. They have atleast 1 or 2 more church members who are positive for the virus. My brother, his wife (their daughter) and my two nieces have all been exposed. They are all self quarantined. Please pray for them. God bless.