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If the things happening do not disturb you they should…
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  1. It’s strange how people are going to do the same thing with the Antichrist! They will put him on a pedestal as if he is god. I find it odd that these “evangelicals” are the ones who has President Trump on that pedestal. Just seems like this sort of thinking will fool so many people in the coming tribulation.

  2. Brother Jerry, God Bless You for preaching the truth! The United States is pulling itself into darkness. I believe you are 100 percent correct about May 31st, it was a turning point! It seems over the past two months President Trump has become emboldened and even more proud. There is no humbleness at all. I believe the United States will fall before the return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! It may take a very hard fall to humble America, but that may be what takes for millions to seek repentance and turn to Christ before the door is closed!

  3. My spirit kept telling me all is not as it seems with Donald Trump. We are in the end times and thing must come to pass. I repented and allowed the Lord to change my life. Every day seeking his will. Thank you for your teaching. The unpleasant has to be delt with and the pleasant.

  4. Thank you for sharing Pastor Jerry Toney. Hi Mrs Verla Toney ☺Pastor Jerry is your asthma flared up? My son and husband have asthma so I recognized the wheeze. Praying for complete healing in Jesus mighty name!

  5. Jerry, I didn't trust Trump to start with. I had bad feelings about him. I knew him as a cheat and a fraud in his deals with contractors in Las Vegas and when he announced that deal with the LGBT people it cinched it with me.

  6. Seems I can't say to much about all this…I listen to Paul Begley…alot…he praised Trump for saying he was chosen…sometimes I'm thrones to what to believe…I am a Trump fan,but he's farrrrr from being a saint…I say that I can't say to much because our words are powerful…

  7. Thank you Jerry for teaching the truth in jesus christ name. My name is jesse please if you get the time pray for me this is a battle trying to stay on board & to walk upright for the lord not looking for some kind of miracle I'm seeking peace from the lord so I can share with others how awesome christ really is… thanks again keep up the good work in are lord jesus christ Amen