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  1. I have to ask you how it is that you know that millions will not go in the rapture. I understand that narrow is the way, with only one way in but is there scripture to show that out of 7 billion occupants on the earth a few million is too large a number? This scares people, I know this because I used to be one of them. Thinking that making the rapture was so unattainable. Our preacher used to say only 7-8% of professing christians would go. If a person truly repents, no matter the crime the Bible says God is just and forgives. If forgiven and bought by the blood, knowone can take you from Him. What more is required?

  2. Dankie HERE JESUS dat ek ook genade kon vind om na hierdie Woord en leringe te kan luister die laaste Maand! Alle eer aan GOD!
    JERRY thanks for being faithful to bring GODS WORD that can save us!
    I believe in everything you teach because its according to GOD'S WORD!
    Veronica @ South Africa

  3. I'm not a prophet but sometimes when I go to sleep, I ask GOD to give me some insight in these end times. 9 out of 10 times nothing happens, but this morning I had a short dream. I knew I was in the Middle East somewhere, in a building. And everyone was going about their business. I remember being in my pajamas, everything was quiet. And suddenly we heard a loud noise and we saw bright lights. It was the start of a missile attack. The missiles were fired from the place where I was. I think that the fact that I was in my pajamas, it means that the attack was sudden and unexpected. In my previous dream, some time ago, I heard loud and clear: "War is coming.".

  4. I believe you are right. I went to church for many years and thought I was saved. My garment was spotted still enslaved to sin. God revealed self as he saw me. I repented and turned away from old self. Renewed with the Holy Spirit, praise God most high. I have never looked back. I now walk with God never ceasing in prayer. Yes exactly, few will be raptured. Judgement is like Revelation 3:4 thou has a few names even in Sardis which have not defiled their garments; and they shall walk with me in white: for they are worthy. Folks I say this to you ( Wake Up) especially those that are sleeping. The rapture may happen or not. But the times are near. Repent from your wickedness for the Lord is nigh!

  5. Thanks Pastor! This is really serious because if the people don't believe that we are in the final time, they're not ready nor prepared for Jesus. I had a dream few days ago. In the dream I went to a church and every body was sleeping and the church even had PJ's in the lobby. I'm sorry for the ones that will be left behind, they will face the most dangerous times for their lives and souls. God bless you all. Please WATCH!!!

  6. Something else just came to me regarding what you speak of brother. The two most scary passages I believe in the Bible for one to think about as a believer in Christ are Matthew 7:21 and Matthew 25:1-28. These are believers he is speaking about here. Those doing miracles and good works and the bridesmaids with the half-full lamp oil, and the servants. Those believers who are ready go in… get caught up? These believers that are not ready? Oh, my. Matthew 25:13 “So you, too, must keep watch! For you do not know the day or hour of my return." We have to be in the spirit, trusting in the Lord and be ready for His return at all times, making sure our lamp oil is full. It's all about our on going relationship with Jesus. If we are oblivious and in the world, asleep when he arrives, doing our own thing then we do not get to enter the marriage feast. This is why the holy spirit is moving and warning believer and why we are warning others of His soon return. Praise the Lord!

  7. Please pray for me to stop sinning the same sin I’ve been struggling for a while and I keep failing God over and over again but I still pursue him.i really want to go to heaven and be with god and Jesus , but I need to do my part and fight my battle please keep me in your prayers for strength . Thank you

  8. Pastor can you please pray for my dad he is in a hospital for mental illness can you please pray for soon recovery and complete healing in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ my dad name is Ramon he is 67 years old my family and I are very worry but we believe in our Lord and trust him, God bless you pastor.

  9. It’s all lining up. The 2017 and 2024 solar eclipses over America (7 years apart), will make a huge “X” over the new Madrid fault line. The nations divided, wouldn’t be surprised to see it physically divided as well. Also it will have been 400 years in November since the Mayflower compact was signed (11/11), declaring the advancement of the Christian faith to this land. 400 and 40 are numbers of judgement in Scripture. The Canaanites were given 400 years to repent of their wickedness before God brought judgement on them. Not to mention that we’re in the 40th Jubilee year since Jesus walked the earth. It just so happens this November to be the election. (In 2020: 20+20=40) The last “Trump”? (At trumps last term?). Also the feast of trumpets is in September. Just something to think about.
    Only God knows!

    The “Gates” of hell will not prevail against the church!

  10. Thank you Pastor and praise the lord. Know wonder god is angry because the churches didn’t preach the word they used the church to make money I went to bible college but if I could I would go to bible college in Israel because there is so much more to learn thank you so much

  11. I'm going through tough times with my family. I want to follow the word of God against the Catholic traditions of my family. They are forcing me to follow their traditions and attacking me. Plz pray that God will soften their hearts and make them accept the truth. Also for me to have courage and stand boldly for the word of God ♥️- Evan

  12. What a eye opening message!
    I can sence something is going to happen….. because its like troubles is getting more intense in normal life! Specially in Marriages!!!…..
    Its written that in the last days people who is clean will get cleaner and those who are dirty will be more dirty! Is other people also experiencing this?

  13. Hi it’s Anissa here. Thanks you so much for the word of the lord Jesus today. I haven’t smoked in 10 years and the 4th of July I started again. I have been praying to put them down. I think this is the dumbest thing I have done. Starting a new job, and having some people not like me, is really stressful. I’m a daughter of Christ. And I know it is wrong, will you and your wife pray for me to stop doing this ungodly habit. Thanks, may the lord Jesus bless you and your wife all the days of your lives. Amen