Jerry Toney | – You woke up this morning and something happened…

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  1. I feel for you pastor. In reality you won’t notice a difference because Christian is much easier said than done. The truth in all hearts is much deeper than people are willing to experience. Sorry. But not millions much less thousands. I’m hanging in there and Maranatha is all I pray daily.

  2. This is just a thought I've been having,
    – There won't be any electricity for some time after the rapture.
    – All telecommunications will be down, for some time .
    – Services will be down.
    – There won't be work, school etc. for some time after the rapture, etc
    I do not see life continuing as if nothing has happened, there has to be a change of sorts, indicative of a certain kind of disturbance,even in the environment. These are just my thoughts.

  3. When you say the 7th month, are you referring to the Gregorian calendar or the Jewish calendar?
    Isn't the feast of trumpets in September, which is the original 7th month when the calendar began in March.

  4. Very effective message. I pray, Lord Jesus, this video make it into the hands and minds of those who need to hear it!! Thank you, Pastor, for your love and dedication to Christ. I will see you all in the air so soon!! Love to all ❤️

  5. My brother 40 million people will be evicted on June 25 from having free rent from the plan demon ic pan god of fear the same day that trump said that the news has to tell us about the aliens a lie ns

  6. Thank you so much for that time that you put in in preparation to share forth the word of and salvation to all who will receive the most important message that can be taught Thank you for Sharing and Caring !God Bless!

  7. AMEN!!!!!!
    "So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth."
    REV 3:16 KJV


    19 Hebrew; to brandish a sword, the Lion and judgement!

  8. Brother, I feel you are right. I will tell you the spirit has been dealing with me over the last few weeks. I have been a back slider for a while now but I can even tell you this world is a different place. Something cataclysmic is about to take place. I can feel it in the deepest parts of my soul. Even my heart and blood pressure are out of whack. It is like my soul is grieving. I think your message was for me. I feel the Lord definitely put it on your heart to reach me…a lost sheep. I would like to believe this Covid thing is over we going to normal but this…this is the calm before the storm. I feel the lord is offering all of us a choice now. Repent or perish. I choose to repent. I know what I must do. The Lord is coming back. If he doesn’t come back soon there will be no souls left with this mark of the beast. Since the very outset of this lie I knew something wasn’t right about this virus, this vaccine and all the propaganda. The world is changing and those in power know their time is up. With the lies of aliens (aka demons) on the news….with the state of the environmental problems, water shortages, earthquakes in never before seen places, etc. We are very much in the beginning of sorrows. When is the feast of trumpets? I must study this more. So many correlate trumpets with those of revelation. But what you say makes sense. Our god is a god of timing. A god of his word. And behold the mystery. Our God is an awesome God. For it to correlate to the actual feast of trumpets makes sense. These jokers out here can say what they want. Our Lord didn’t hang on a cross for us to play one foot in the world and another in the house of God. We are either of the spirit or of the flesh. We either love his kingdom or we love the world. Your message about bowing down washing your corvette in another message hit me hard. I have had many idols in my life. It is time to bow before a living god. I pray I can make the first boat out of here. I pray he considers me worthy. I have had more communion with the Lord in the last few weeks than I have had in a long time. It is either get right or get left. I have been trying to share with people but man it is so hard to get to them. Everyone thinks it is all systems go again. Lord help us all. Lord help me get on the first boat out. Lord help those who will open their ears to hear and eyes to see the truth. Lord come quickly. I don’t know how much time we have left.

  9. 1355 Gabbatha; where Jesus' tribunal is believed to have occured prior to his crucifixtion….
    gabbatha gab-bath-ah' of Chaldee origin (compare 1355); the knoll; gabbatha, a vernacular term for the Roman tribunal in Jerusalem:– Gabbatha

  10. Please pray for me and my unsaved back slidden and OSAS family, I am under a spiritual battle by very close family member ( who is says he is saved pastor, because he said a sinners prayer at 11 . He just cussed God … and me , he says he does it hurrt me pastor. And it does but no fear of the Lord. Pray for his soul and pray for me .