Jesse Smith | – 5 Reasons The Rapture Is Pre-Tribulation

There are 5 clear, Bible-based reasons that the rapture of the Holy-Ghost filled church will happen before the tribulation period. (1) The Tribulation is “Trouble” for Israel, the Foolish Virgin, and Sinners – But Not the Bride of Jesus Christ; (2) There are No Mentions of the Bride of Christ in the Tribulation Texts in the Book of Revelation; (3) The Bride of Christ is Promised a Pardon From God’s Divine Wrath; (4) Jesus Taught the Rapture was Imminent and Unknown While Other Views Can Be Counted; (5) The Rapture is the Removal of the Grace of God for the Gentiles in Preparation for the Revelation of the Antichrist and God’s Return to the Jewish People.

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