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Enjoy and please share the audio version of Chapter 7 in “Restoring Christian Modesty: God’s Perfect Will For Your Outward Appearance”.

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  1. Great video. I'm doing research on Deuteronomy 22:5, and I watched Long Dresses and The Bible. I admit, it was hard to watch due to my sinful flesh. I am making the transition on wearing long skirts and dresses only.

    I will start going to thrift stores to buy long skirts and dresses. I will also sew my own clothing. As a woman, I realized pants were not for us women because of the fly of the zipper, you know what I am talking about. It's just like a man wearing a skirt. It's weird. I saw your testimony, and how you struggle with lust. That also makes me want to wear more dresses and long skirts, so I won't let any men stumble. I will also not wear leggings and stockings underneath my dress or skirt because they are still pants, and men were the first to wear stockings underneath their breeches in the Middle Ages.

    There are many women that would like to argue that Deut 22:5 is outdated, or say talk about women having men's swords, but it still exists today in the LGBT community and Hollywood. Men wearing dresses is an abomination, so are women wearing pants back during feminism. Pagan women wore Turkish bloomers in Turkey, India, and China, and Pagan men wore skirt kilts in Ireland and Scotland. They were not Christian like America. You can't pick one or the other. Men wore linen breeches (pants/trousers) in the bible first (Exodus, Leviticus, Daniel, and Ezekiel).

    To conclude, women should give the pants back to men. Coming from a woman. I know it is unfair, but God made you a feminine woman.

    One more thing, there are things women should not do such as riding bicycles which are for men only, feminists started riding bicycles, which started them to wear pants. Women can still play sports in a skirt such as volleyball, walking, jogging, and jump roping. Primarily women are supposed to be the keepers of the home (Titus 2). Although I'd love it if you could be specific on what activities/exercises that are safe for Christian women. There was one lady that asked about workouts.

    Thank you.