Jesse Smith | – The Rapture Mystery and the Bible, Part 2 of 5

Part 2 of this series covers “What is the Rapture?” and “Who is the Rapture For?” with complete Bible support. In “What is the Rapture?”, Scripture teaches that this rapture event is like a wedding ceremony. It is the unknown day and hour when Jesus’ physical body comes down from heaven, stops in the clouds, and calls His wife or bride to meet him in the air. Jesus first resurrects the dead in Christ. Then Jesus changes the bodies of the living, Holy Ghost-filled Christians so both the dead and living Christians can meet Christ in the air. Jesus then takes those believers, His bride or wife, to the wedding supper or marriage reception in the Father’s Kingdom.

In “Who is the Rapture For?”, we learn that Scripture teaches the rapture is only for the Holy Ghost-filled Christians – dead or currently living – who have loved and faithfully served Christ. The rapture is like a wedding ceremony, as taught by Jesus in two parables from Matthew 22:1-14 and Matthew 25:1-13. In both parables, there were requirements to be a part of the wedding of God’s Son – a wedding garment in the former, and oil in the latter, which are both symbols of the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

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