Jesse Smith | – Wise & Foolish Virgins: 2 Kinds of Christians in 2 Separate Resurrections

In Matthew 25:1-3, the Lord Jesus Christ teaches there are two kinds of Christians: wise and foolish.

The wise virgins are those with the “oil” of the baptism of the Holy Ghost, or seal in their souls. Wise virgin Christians redeem the time for the kingdom of God.

Foolish virgins are those who serve God and live free from idolatry but never fully obey and receive the born again experience.

There has always been two kinds of genuine believers: Enoch and Noah, Abraham and Lot, David and Saul, Jesus’ disciples and the saved thief on the cross, to name a few.

The first resurrection is the rapture and only the Holy Ghost filled, wise virgins will be a part of this. The wise virgins will enjoy the marriage supper of the Lamb and then rule and reign with Christ during the 1,000 year Millennium.

The second resurrection is when the foolish virgins and all other humans will appear at the White Throne Judgment.

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