Jesus Culture | – Bryan & Katie Torwalt – My Hallelujah (Lyric Video)

Official Lyric Video for “My Hallelujah” by Bryan and Katie Torwalt
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Peace, be still
Calm this soul
I need You here now
Restore my hope
I confess
I’ve been afraid
Remind my heart, Lord
Increase my faith

So I will run into the waves
As courage comes to take fear’s place
With perfect love, perfect love

O, what can take away
My hallelujah
No darkness can contain
My hallelujah
Your cross has made a way
For my hallelujah
My hallelujah

You give life
No man can take
No power in hell
Could separate
And who can stand
Against Your might
With armies of angels
By my side

Nothing can take my hallelujah
Nothing can take my hallelujah
Shadows will fade
Darkness will break
I’ll keep on singing Your praise

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  1. I love this song cause no will ever take away my hallelujah, the devil trys and he hated me so so much he try to get in to the depth of my soul, only cause I don't belong to him no more thank you Jesus, he once had me so bound and changed up I live with his demons in in my own dungeon that he built for me, I try to they're good Lord the best that I can each and every day I read I pray I love the Lord with everything that I have inside of me there's nothing that I would ever want from this world if it's not from the Lord and I don't want, so like I say the devil wants to take my hallelujah away but he can't get through me in my mind in my soul so he chooses to use my children my marriage my husband but it's okay cuz I will keep praising the Lord and I will keep my hallelujah God has been so so so good to me even when I was lost in the world he was the one that protected me walked with me every day of my life I could have been dead I could have ended up in prison for the rest of my lifeI didn't deserve not a drop of what God has given me and that's his unconditional. Talk to whoever reads this just know that you can be free the change can be broken just call out to Godon your face and know that he loves you and that he's always there for you even through all the things you go through show the devil that you can keep your hallelujah to may God bless all of you who read this

  2. Devil’s goal is to destroy our relationship with our Almighty God. Our situations don’t define Our God. No matter what, our God is still reigns. He is still in his throne. I ll praise him through the fire because I know all will change. Even if it doesn’t change, I ll keep praising my God because his worthy of praise and worship in all circumstances. If worship were optional, Paul and Silas would not have been singing with bloody backs in the Philippian dungeon at midnight. Their chains were broken through worship. I’m going through a lot but I know my God is with me. I Can’t get enough of this song. God bless the singers abundantly. God is Love!!!

  3. We left the doctor's today finding out that our baby no longer has a heartbeat.
    I wanted to settle it after losing their twin two weeks ago, And three Miscarriages I was going to relapse.

    Then this came on the radio.
    I have a sweet 5 year old and an amazing husband to fight for.
    I settled it and will again and again I am worth this fight of sobriety and life.

    God has a plan for us.