Jesus Culture | – 'Connection With God' with Kim Walker Smith

Taken from our 2012 New York conference, Kim Walker-Smith shares her story about falling crazy in love with Jesus and how your connection with God is the most important thing you can have. This is an incredible down-to-earth message from Kim and is a must-watch.

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  1. I am amazed at those who actually believe she is part of some cult or something. Her "dominate message" in this and all her appearances whether it be thru music or preaching, is connecting with Jesus. That alone is her heart. So, when I hear others refer to her and also JC as being part of a cult, it causes me to pause (and laugh) and say……….."what planet are these people on who would say something like that". Still gotta love them simply because they are misguided but I suspect none of them have ever attended or listened entirely to either a JC concert or Kim herself. But, for those of us who are fortunate enough to be exposed to the entire ministry of JC………..we are indeed blessed for that. Thank you LORD for the gift to the body called JC and thank you JC for being ALL about him and not anything else.

  2. Kim, your songs are anointed, God is using you/Jesus Culture-(team) to draw souls to Him; you’re not just a singer, you’re an evangelist. Please keep holding tight to God, upholding the culture of JESUS CHRIST! Worshipping God!

    Come what-may, never let PRIDE in; continuing being HUMBLE is the KEY (God love a humble heart), ENVY, and etcetera… brings DEVIATION (Satan is the author of deviation).

    Beloved, remain blessed and keep matching on. “The gate of Hell shall not prevail”!!!!

  3. I really cannot connect her speaking voice and her singing voice. I literally can't understand. Her speaking voice is light, lovely and bubbly. Her singing voice is heavy, annointed, powerful and with authority. Wow, this woman.

  4. I love to watch her sing out to " Jesus"" I was in his genial Arms" Also.. I have so much Compassion for" JESUS" Kim Walker Smith is very "Strong" women .. and I love to watch her sing OUT! To Our Lord Jesus Christ.. How? Do I get a hold of her book?? I Wish to meet Her:)

  5. Dear Kim your testimony was my turning point . years ago I heard this testimony & still fresh in my mind.
    When ever I think of Ephesians 4:16 your testimony comes to my imagination and I can understand clearly the word which is written on Ep 4:16 and I feel the excitement by only hearing you on the video " like perfect puzzle" pieces WOW!!!