Jesus Culture | – 'Dunamis Power' with Sean Smith

Taken from our 2010 Redding conference, this sermon from Sean Smith talks about how your next act of obedience is the only thing that is necessary to allow God to bring dynamite, explosive miracle-working-power to your life.

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  1. Amen! I am made in HIs Image: Jesus Christ. My past and old man is buried and I have risen in Christ Jesus. I am Watergarden, I am a Palm Tree, I am Oak tree, and more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. I love this teaching because I want to see souls saved and all the things written in God's book in Heaven for me shall come forth.Declare and Decree all lying spirits from having any influence me through flattery or manipulation. Staying close to HolySpirit to guide me in all my ways and allow the Written Word of God to be on my heart and mind. Let Him arise in my life so i can help others to reach their full potential in HIm. I want everything God has for me and nothing that He has not assigned. Armor of God is agreement with the Robe of Righteousness and Seven Spirits of God are working on me daily to perfect me to the obedience of finished work of The Cross. Thanks for using Sean Smith to quicken me further in my journey. To God be the glory! / Adjust me Lord where I need it I give You permission since we are all in processing plant of Heaven.Don't let me ever hide in a cave or fear man. When the Spirit of God comes on me the spirit of dread comes on the enemy I really like that!