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Join us online this Sunday to hear a life-changing word from Lou Engle on the dwelling place. Prepare your heart to receive an impartation for spiritual hunger and prayer!

Speaker: Lou Engle

Worship: Derek & Ruthie

See you this Sunday @ 10am on JESUSCULTURE.TV

We have pastors ready to connect with you. Let us know below where you’re from and if you have any prayer requests!

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  1. I hope that this blesses your lives, when I was just about the age of 17 I decided to commit my entire life to God and serve him whole heartedly, and I started studying the bible and trying to get intimate with God, then suddenly I came down with a severe sickness for a very long time I had many restless nights, I fought with many devils, witches tried to curse me and many more too much to mention, so at that time I was only 17 and I started to cry and ask God, why lord why lord i'm only 17 why do I have to go through all of these things now, and God lead me to Isiah 42:9 behold the former things have come to past and new things do I declare and before they spring forth I declare them to you. So many times we go through many things in life and we think that God has forsaken us, but I want you to know no matter what you're going through today God is using it to make you and turn you into amazing mighty man and woman of God. I have a youtube channel now where I upload 2 motivational videos every week, so God doesn't always tell us what he's doing but when he's finish with you you will be as pure as Gold.