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Why do we celebrate Passover? How is the Passover Seder observed? How is Unleavened Bread observed? What is leaven? What are the traditional Passover foods? What are the spiritual meanings behind each part of the Seder? How can we make this celebration fun for the family? This step-by-step instructional guide will answer these questions & more to help you make this amazing celebration part of your life!
Length – 20 minutes. Was published Apr 1, 2015

THE RESCUE STORY ─ A Messianic Passover Haggadah
There are two versions of this Passover Hagaddah which you can download here:
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The BOOKLET form needs to be printed out with the ‘layout’ set to print both sides/short edge up. Then when printed, folded in [support us] /> The 8 1/2 x 11 version can be printed normally and then stapled.

For a Passover Seder plate you can prepare:
1. Matzah (Unleavened Bread)
2. Grape juice
3. Parsley
4. Horseradish
5. Charoset (a mixture of fruit and nuts)
6. Salt water

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ESPANOL: El texto del video clip “¿Cómo celebrar la Pascua?” ─ Jim Staley
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Jim Staley Teachings Going back to the roots of our faith. Freeing people from the traditions and doctrines of man. Jim Staley Teachings. John 8:32 And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 17:17 Set them apart in Your truth – Your Word is truth

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  1. Thank you Jim and Cheryl.  Awesome info shared and gleaned.  May Yah bless you both and your girls.  Oh by the way, I can't think of a more fitting title than 'Pastor' for Jim.  He is a true Shepherd.  Praise GOD!-Sandy

  2. While EXTREMELY delicious, Baklava is VERY fattening, and is not good for diabetics.  IS IT POSSIBLE that there is a sugar free version?  hahaha.  I'm confident the answer to that question is a big "fat" NO.  Placing the "Blood of the Lamb" over the lintel and door posts of your home is a great idea.Shalom

  3. Jim! That licorice is most likely made with pig ingredients. Its the gelatin. Its in marshmallows, regular flintstones vitamins, some fruit snacks, gel cap medicines, and many gummy-type products. Thanks for your work.

  4. I hate the fact that not only did Christianity steal Judaism and rip it off as their own religion, but now they’re adding their messiah to our damn religion. The privilege here is RIDICULOUS.

  5. Thank you so much for this very informative video. Very easy to understand and extremely intuitive. Thankyou you, I now have a better idea on how to celebrate the Passover and am very looking forward to my first Passover. May God bless you and your family.

  6. I have no idea of what im doing but i really feel led to take part, i may not be able to clear all leaven food n not eat leaven n i feel overwhelmed…as new to this…n like to teach my children too aswell as myself

  7. I LOVE THIS!!! Thank you!!! ❤️ This will be my third official passover, this time without family due to covid. We don't have red paint but we are putting red wine on the doors and window sills. You have a beautiful family. I still need one mezuzah, so going to make this with crafts today. This is my most favorite feast of all. All glory to Yeshua our King!

  8. I just came across this video, as I'm getting to learn more about the passover. I have a question, what's the difference between the passover and the holy communion? I am a christian, but haven't really celebrated passover..it's usually combined with the holy communion story

  9. Thank you so much for this! I used to be an atheist, but through my drug addiction I found God. I never k ew what passover was. I didnt know the story and have never read the bible. Thank you so much for breaking all this down for me. I pray its not too late for me to repent my sins. I am so glad I researched the story and found your video! I am a born again christian, but I have never been to church, and now all the churches are closed down, so I have been doing my own research. My step father is even letting me read his study bible (very helpful, but I dont know where to begin, I am a slower reader because my mind gets so sidetracked) but I am doing all I can to learn everything I can amd start to live it. Thank you again for this! ❤❤❤ God bless everyone ❤

  10. Traducir al español ¡¡ y es muy costoso seguir este ministerio ? Digo por la forma de vida q llevan, no veo modestia . Que es ese cartel rojo ? Es algo bíblico ?que tipo de comida se prepara ,sacando a parte de lo de levítico de los animales impuros.