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Pastor Jim Staley explains in detail the significance of a “Mikvah” (Baptism) in the scriptures. Baptism is a powerful thing and it comes right out of the Torah. This video blog goes over the significance of it in the New Testament and why it was such a big [support us] /> Published on May 14, 2013

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Jim Staley Teachings Going back to the roots of our faith. Freeing people from the traditions and doctrines of man. Jim Staley Teachings. John 8:32 And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 17:17 Set them apart in Your truth – Your Word is truth

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  1. Should it be in the name of YESHUA or "the name of the father the son and holy spirit. I want be baptized and I want it to be in the name of YESHUA. However, the Rabbi in the messianic congregation I attend said they normally do it by saying " in the name of the father the son and holy spirit". Does it matter??

  2. I have questions about the water baptism – micvah.
    1. Is it an important part of being saved i.e. are you not saved without being micvah'd?
    2. Is there any other significance, as some teach that you in your baptism (fully submerged) take part of the death and resurrection of christ? Is that so?
    3. How do I help people who believe/been brought up with infant baptism to understand that it is not biblical? Do you have a teaching to help them?
    4. The bible speaks about other baptisms (f ex by the Holy Spirit). What is that really, explained from scripture?

  3. Could you do a teaching on baptism of fire and baptism of the holy spirit. ? What's the difference? Do you have to speak in tounges to go to Heaven? I've been wondering this for a while and trying to do my own research but need somebody with more experience to do the in depth stuff. Please and thankyou