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  1. if they wanna say she sounded like sounded like someone….THEY SHOULD LOOK UP MOTHER MAE DUPREE….she sounds like her…..they all knew each other, mother stacks, dupree, boyd, 'nita, mother bynum….THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME!

  2. There's just nothing like hearing a praying mama. I can remember as a child, when you'd go to the altar, it wouldn't be but just a little bit before one of those prayin' mama's would come by and start praying an it felt like Heaven had opened up.

  3. She was praying @ St. James COGIC. Wow! What a prayer*!%?! So Remarkable. My God. Whoa…..Yes Lord! Yes!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!! My God yes!!!!!! How awesome. Mother Bynum that was beautiful. My jesus. I wish I was there I would've ran….Standing ovations unto you O God! Thank you God!

  4. Sho praying for some…. Lord….. Sho need some in the Church…. OH God your people need you. Do it God… Do it in your people. Give us a heart to seek you. Give us the mind to serve you. Oh my God…. Let me get of here… Before this get me in trouble at work…. OH GOD DO IT……… I give him Glory.

  5. to all the nay Sayers, unlearned in the word of truth, the old and new testament testifies of the Holy Ghost and It's operation in the earth realm to those that are blood bought, born again and obedient to the word of truth. To say such negative things about the people of God, God takes it personally. He still lives you as well as His sons and daughters. Also we pray that you come to the knowledge of the truth. Remember, God is too good, life is too short, eternity is to long, and he'll is too hot, to allow Satan to deceive you into eternal damnation. Love you eternally and pray you don't muss out on making it to heaven.