Jimmie Rodgers | – Three Women of POWER!

Listen to these powerful women say a word at prophet Nathan Simmons Home Going Celebration!

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Pastor J.K. Rodgers Pastor J.K. Rodgers. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven -Matthew 6:10 Please become a subscriber today, be blessed! The Lord our God is one! "It is no secret what God can do."

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  1. @JCojocaru So Miriam a Prophet, Deborah a Judge, Esther a queen, Mary of Magdala an evangelist, Lois and Eunice mother and grandmother and Teachers of Timothy, and Junia a woman Apostle all where silent? I think not… Please read your bible in context next time. I recommend a Strong's concordance and several different Bibles Maybe a KJV, NIV, and an Amplified version.

  2. I amazes me as I read the comments below regarding woman and the gifts ot place where preach. I key to stating the word of God is to know within the context it was wrote. Surely if the father can use an Ass he can use a woman if he so choose. I would not dare be caught saying who god has & hasnt called because now his judgement is turned towards me. If its wrong allow God to be God & he'll handle it. Keep ur hands off it.