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God gave Adam and Eve authority in the Garden of Eden. When they sinned, they turned over that authority to Satan. But Jesus’ death on the cross and His resurrection purchased back dominion of the earth. Now, we have spiritual authority. But when Jesus returns He will restore total authority to us. We were born to rule as kings and priests.

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Jimmy Evans is Founder and CEO of MarriageToday, a ministry based in Dallas, Texas that is devoted to helping couples build strong and fulfilling marriages and families. Jimmy and his wife, Karen, are passionate about marriage and together, they co-host MarriageToday at [support us] /> He serves as the Senior Pastor at Gateway Church, a multi-campus church in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, and as an overseer of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, [support us] /> Jimmy served as the Senior Pastor of Trinity Fellowship Church in Amarillo, Texas for thirty years and now serves as Senior Elder. During his thirty years of leadership Trinity grew from 900 active members to over 10,[support us] /> He holds an Honorary Doctorate of Literature from The Kings University and has authored more than sixteen books, among which are his popular works, Marriage on the Rock, Ten Steps Toward Christ, Lifelong Love Affair, When Life Hurts, and his newest book, The Four Laws of [support us] /> Jimmy and Karen have been married for 44 years and have two married children and five grandchildren.

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Jimmy Evans Jimmy Evans. Founder and President of XO Marriage, a ministry that is devoted to reaching couples worldwide with the message of hope and encouragement that marriage works 100% of the time when you do it God's way. Jimmy Evans also serves as the Apostolic Elder of Trinity Fellowship Church in Amarillo, Texas. Jimmy holds an Honorary Doctorate of Literature from The Kings University and has authored more than seventeen books. Jimmy and Karen have been married for 47 years and have two married children and five grandchildren.

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    The world was full of sin

    God’s plan we did not fit in.

    Evil ways people would ensue

    So, destroy the earth is what he chose to


    Even after that in sin people did stay

    He hasn’t destroyed earth again not even

    till this day.

    In sin people still did travel

    So, he changed their talk to babel.

    That did change the people's way

    So, he thought of something, that is

    talked about to this day.

    He sent his son to seek us out

    God’s plan he did with a shout.

    He told us Gods word was good and true

    But still evil people would do.

    God knew that people would always sin

    and be loss

    So, his son would be nailed to the cross.

    The nail was made of steal

    Because sin was not part of the deal.

    Our sin God could not take

    So, the nail was heated and hammered into


    For our souls Godo would fight

    The nail was hammered until it was just right.

    The nail that they made would not get loss

    For it was to be used to nail Jesus to the cross.

    The cross was very tall

    But the nail was not sharp it was dull.

    We would not turn from our sinful stuff

    The nail was not smooth it was rough.

    Because we live in rebellion and in sin

    The nail was made to pierce his skin.

    Against sin we didn’t take a stand

    The nail was put through his hand.

    God’s laws we would not keep

    The nail was put in though is feet.

    In sin we are loss

    The nails kept him on the cross.

    God’s word we did not heed

    On the cross the nail made him bleed.

    By the word of God, we are not fed

    Because of this the nails are stained red.

    All god wants is his laws for us to keep

    Because we don’t from the nail the blood will


    Because a sinner is what we will be

    The holes from the nail you will always see.

  2. Christ knows all things (John 16:30, 21:17) even the day and hour of His return. Pastors who teach differently, teach ignorantly of the word of God, perpetuating false traditions of men, making the Bible of no effect. The "no one knows the day and hour" and "no one knows the day and hour but the Father only" refer to Jewish idioms/colloquialisms that refer to the Feast of Trumpets and the Jewish wedding ceremony, respectively/ They do not literally apply to Christ. How could they as Christ knows all things.

  3. To be saved in these end-times one must have two things: (1) accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and (2) expect Him at the right time–a pretrib rapture which is an extension of Him. I was given an advanced copy of a book called Breadcrumbs! My Five-Year Holy Spirit-Led Journey to the Male Child which discusses Bible prophecy as never discussed before–a paradigm shift in bible prophecy. This book is a book for our generation, just as Hal Lindsey's book was for the generation in the 70's. This book (Breadcrumbs!) restores many things lost to the sands of time and reveals many things, including parables known from before the foundation of the world was laid. If you really want to know what many of the parables mean, including the oil in the 10 virgins, get this book at your local book store, Amazon or Trilogy.tv