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Today I’m sharing about the prophetic timeline of events between now and the end of time that centers around Israel. I also answer your questions about the Gog and Magog War, the Biden Administration’s position on Israel, and if believers in heaven will be able to see what is happening in hell.

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Jimmy Evans Jimmy Evans. Founder and President of XO Marriage, a ministry that is devoted to reaching couples worldwide with the message of hope and encouragement that marriage works 100% of the time when you do it God's way. Jimmy Evans also serves as the Apostolic Elder of Trinity Fellowship Church in Amarillo, Texas. Jimmy holds an Honorary Doctorate of Literature from The Kings University and has authored more than seventeen books. Jimmy and Karen have been married for 47 years and have two married children and five grandchildren.

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  1. Israel is set for destruction.

    According to Christian prophecy, Israel is head one and head eight on the seven headed dragon that old serpent called the devil and Satan. It is the beast (666) with the head wound (clue: Amos 9). Israel is the devil of revelation.

    Israel is the beast that was, was not, and now is.

    The ‘hour’ is nearly up. Gog and Magog is here. Israel is heading for destruction.

    After the locusts with faces of men (beards) and hair like women (long hair—payot) with the power to stick poison (vaccines) into people, comes the lake of fire.

    Reject Paul, the false prophet of revelation, and his comrades. Their lies are designed to deceive.

    Follow Jesus, John, and Peter.

    Truth and love are the future.

  2. Gal 3:8  And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith, preached before the gospel unto Abraham, saying, In thee shall all nations be blessed. 

    Gal 3:16  Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one, And to thy seed, which is Christ.

    Gen 12:3  And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

  3. Yes, I certainly believe we are in the last days, but I have a question about unreached people groups. Scripture tells us that there will be people from every people group. What about those who are still unreached? How does that fit in with an imminent return of Christ?

  4. False teacher! This guy has NO idea what the true meaning of God’s wrath is.

    You all love these sweet comfort escape Rapture videos on You Tube? You long for that Jesus to come and steal you away before the Great Tribulation? WAKE UP! You are following the false Jesus and The False gospel. How can you claim to be saved, believe in Yeshua Jesus Christ, have in you Gods Holy Spirit? While at the very same time calling God’s Holy Spirit a liar? All scripture is fully holy and fully inspired by His Holy Spirit – there is NO pre tribulation rapture! The Word of God tells you in many, many scriptures that Christ will return at the very end of the age – at the last trumpet- then and only then will there be a catching up to him and only after he raises dead children of his Father Yahweh God. The anti christ must be revealed first. The pre tribulation rapture doctrine is Satanic designed to deceive you into a false hope and weak faith – when ‘Your Blessed Hope” fails to happened – you lose your weak faith you had – you turn on God – you call him a liar – YOU THEN FREELY TAKE THE MARK OF THE ANTI CHRIST. And all because you chose to believe Satan’s lies preached by false teachers instead of praying for God’s wisdom and truth, reading his word and believing in HIM. Who is telling you the truth? He who says “it will all be okay, you love me, I chose you, I will protect you and rapture you away” OR HE who said “If you follow me, you will be hated by the world, you will suffer and be persecuted for my name, you will be handed over and put to death for your faith in me and your witness of me” You really want to be saved? Pick up your cross and start carrying it!

  5. I'm watching this video to learn. I am a Christian in the United States, but from what I've researched, Israel took the Palestinians land, which tells me that the Palestinians have a right to it. BUUUtttt, I also know that the destruction of Israel, somewhere in the book of Revelation is significant.

  6. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4

    Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand;
    2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain.
    3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;
    4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

  7. A good bible study I found is MARK13 RECORDS u tube channel get into your heavenly FATHER'S WORD now while you still have time to study like your LIFE DEPENDS on it because it does please everyone with UNDERSTANDING because once saved is not always saved

  8. 7 And when ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, be ye NOT troubled: for such things must needs be; but the end shall NOT BE YET.

    Mark 13

    it is NOT the end, these are NOT signs.

  9. Pastor I was for a long time troubled and even depressed that there would come a time when the world for the most part will not come to help Israel so they are on their own. I am proud to report although no nation will come to their aid. That by no means indicates no help .As a matter of fact it will make a super power look like no power at all.

  10. thanks pastor jimmy, i am interesting to your teaching i believe what u believe, i am a pastor in a local church and keep awakening the church that we are now living in the final generation. how can i get in touch with you?

  11. You would think these nations are terrified to touch Gods sacred land and people after all the prophecy that has already came true.

    Talk about a powerful god we have..

    After this video my bible opens to Joel 1:2.

  12. Holy Quran,, 3:4: Then those who reject Faith (Kafaru) in the Signs of Allah will suffer the severest penalty,

    9:3: And an announcement from Allah and His Messenger, to the people (assembled) on the day of the Great Pilgrimage,- that Allah and His Messenger dissolve (treaty) obligations with the Pagans(Mushrikeen). If then, ye repent, it were best for you; but if ye turn away, know ye that ye cannot frustrate Allah. And proclaim a grievous penalty to those who reject Faith (Kafaru). (Mushrik and Kafir treated as same),

    8:38: Say to the Unbelievers (Kafaru), if (now) they desist (from Unbelief), their past would be forgiven them; but if they persist, the punishment of those before them is already (a matter of warning for them).

    8:52: (Deeds) after the manner of the people of Pharaoh and of those before them: They rejected (Kafaru) the Signs of Allah, and Allah punished them for their crimes:

    41: 50: But We will show the Unbelievers (Kafaru) the truth of all that they did, and We shall give them the taste of a severe Penalty.

    58: 4: For those who reject (Him) (Kafirin), there is a grievous Penalty.

    58:5: And the Unbelievers (Kafirin) (will have) a humiliating Penalty,-

    34:7: The Unbelievers (Kafaru) say (in ridicule): “Shall we point out to you a man that will tell you, when ye are all scattered to pieces in disintegration, that ye shall (then be raised) in a New Creation?

    21:36: When the Unbelievers (Kafaru) see thee, they treat thee not except with ridicule. “Is this,” (they say), “the one who talks of your gods?” and they blaspheme (Kafirun) at the mention of (Allah) Most Gracious!

    2:98: Whoever is an enemy to Allah and His angels and messengers, to Gabriel and Michael,- Lo! Allah is an enemy to those who reject Faith (Kafirin)….

  13. Those people in Israel are not Judah! The true Jews which are the people who were slaves and held captive in nations are the hebrew blacks, native Americans, Hispanics which are scattered! Thy kingdom come will be on earth a new kingdom ruled by Yeshuah and his chosen people the Israelites !

  14. the battle of Gog and Maggog is after the millenial kingdom. This is deception teachings in this video… When the thousand years are complete, Satan will be released from his prison, 8and will go out to deceive the nations in the four corners of the earth— Gog and Magog— to assemble them for battle. Their number is like the sand of the seashore

  15. Signs in the earth as well as in Heavenly Places…
    "Signs Everywhere"
    -proclaims the Lord of lords

    "I Am Closer than you think"

    I Have Come Forth
    -says Jesus, the Christ

    ~Let the Bridegroom go forth from His Chamber, and the Bride out of Her closet~
    Joel 2:16

    I Am the Holy Spirit of Love. I Am the Holy Spirit, who Leads.
    I Am the Holy Spirit. I will Guide you into all Truth.
    The Ultimate Job of the Holy Spirit is to Speak about the Lord of lords.
    He is Before All things. And through Him, All things Consist.

    Behold, the Father's Christ…
    -says the Holy Spirit, who Searches the Deep things of God

    "I Have Come Forth" -says I Am He

    "I Am the Bridegroom, the Sun of Righteousness. I have already Risen upon the Bride"
    -says Me, the Lord

    "This is My Lovely Bride. You can call Her by My Father's Name. My Father, who is Greater than All, Gave Her to Me. She is Mine."
    -says the King of Love

    "Could it be that there was no 'seven year itch' for the Bride? A Wife is Covered by her Husband. I Am Maker. I Am Husband. I Am a Lover in All Things. Love Always Protects."
    -says the Lord, the Defender and Protector of mankind

    "The Kingdom has Come. My Bride is with Me. I Am One with My Bride and She will Always be Mine. It is Done."
    Behold My Kingdom…My Queen is My Bride."
    -says I Am King

    "His Wife has an Order. She is a Queen of God"
    -says the Holy Spirit, who Leads

    "We were Hid. And We took a Book from the Book of Life and the Book of Daniel. One Hidden and Anointed. One Completed and Anointed. Who knew? Only God Knew. God Knew that it was Time for us to be Together. Our Time has Come. Behold, I have Made a Bride who Comes Forth."
    -says my Maker, my Husband

    "Bride of Glory, Come out of your closet. You don't have to hide anymore. I have Hid you and I have Found you"
    -said God, who makes all thing Possible

    He Hid me in Christ.

    And the Lord said to me with a Shout…
    "Arise! Shine! -said the Lord
    "Prophetic Bride, Show Forth your Glory. I Set you on a Hill. A City set on this Hill cannot be hid. Queen of Heaven, Introduce Yourself" -said My Light, who has Come

    "I Am the Bride and Wife of Christ" -says I Am His
    "Jesus is My Story. He is My Song. He is the Reward of My Salvation. I Am One with the One who is Far Above All power and principality. I have Received the Glory. I Am the Glory of Change"

    "I Am Spiritual Israel. I Am the Wife of His Age. God has already Marked me as SAFE and I Am Seated with Him in Glory. I have already worked out my own Salvation. I have already passed from death into Life. I have already been Captured and TAKEN into the Son. I have already had my Rapture. I have already Received my Crown of Life. I have already entered into my Eternal Life. I Am a New Creation. I Am the New Life of God in Christ. I Am the Trumpet of God, who Calls."
    -says the Trumpet Horn, who has Blown

    Meet Jesus..
    I have been Raised and Seated to New Life with Him. I Am One Seat with Him.
    -says the Bride, who has been Reconciled back to God

    "Queen of Heaven …Take your Seat. Sit down in My Seat. Sit in what Belongs to you. All that is Mine is yours."
    -said the Lord, who is a Gentleman

    "I have been Caught Up and TAKEN into His Presence…I Am Always in His Presence. His Presence is Constant. Our Relationship is Constant"
    -say My Bride, who Dwells with Me in Safety and Glory

    And the Lord Spoke to me:
    "My Beautiful Bride, I Am here to Meet you. This is your Second Life."
    -said the Lord, the Second Adam
    "Your Life belongs to Me. Your Future belongs to Me. You have been Given Divine Protection, just as I have been Given Divine Protection -said the Lord, the Thief in the Night
    "I have Raised you. And I will Raise you again. I have Changed you. And I will Change you again..In One Moment, in a Twinkling of an eye"
    -said the Lord, who has Given me His Glory

    "Believer, the Kingdom of God is Already within you." -says God, who Chose to Reveal Himself in me

    "This is My Beloved Wife. She is the Shulamite Bride. She is My True Wife."
    -says the King of kings, my Song of songs
    "He who uncovers a Wife, uncovers a Good thing. We are Husband and Wife"
    -proclaims the Great High Priest

    "God knew you in Advance. I Am the Shulamite Bride, as He Prophesied" -says the Bride, who has been Revealed with Him in Glory
    "Behold Her Bridal Gift…The Gift of: Bride of Revelation, I have Given to Her. That is Rare. God gives Good Gifts to man, Irrevocable ones" -says the Lord, who has Given me All things
    "I have Given you the Trump of Revelation" -said the Spirit of the Lord, who Rests upon me

    "The Clouds of Glory are Revealed" -says the Lord, who has Descended
    "Cloud of Glory, Prepare the Way Before Me. I Am sending you down with the voice of the archangel" -said God, who is with me

    And Michael, the archangel, spoke to me. The angel of the Lord said to me:
    I Speak over you…888
    "Michael Spoke this Glory over me"
    -says the Bride, a Citizen of Heaven

    "Heaven meets earth." -proclaims the Bride, who is Divine
    "Here Comes the Bridegroom!" -proclaims the Bride of Revelation

    To the Believer:
    "I Am the One who Loves you and Gave His life for you. On the Third Day, I was the Resurrected One for you. Behold the Power of the Cross…Your Light has Come. The Day of the Lord is Here Now. I have Given and Taken away from the world for this Day. It is Finished for the Believer. We are Now in Rewards."
    "COMPLETION" -says He, who has begun a Good work in you

    "Children of the Day, It is your Portion to Rejoice until the end. Rejoice and be Glad! God Saved you when you Believed. You entered Salvation through a Door that No man can shut" -says the Door

    "Behold…AT THE SOUND OF MY GLORY, I COMMAND YOU ALL TO RISE! All is well or Nothing at All. All is Perfect or Nothing at All. Behold, I Give you All. The Good Life, the Perfect, the Life. Your New Spirits are Real, I have Seen them. I Am the Kingdom of God who is already within you. I Am the Life and all who are of Me. I Am the Life..The Spirit and the Life"
    -says the Life Giving Spirit, who has Come for you and is Leaving with you

    "As you Embark on your Second Life, Continue to Seek Me in all that you do. I still, yet, remain a Rewarder to those who diligently Seek Me." -says Jesus, the Great Reward

    "The Salvation of those in Christ cannot be Hid, for the Spirit of the Lord rest upon them. One cannot hide themselves from My Countenance. I will Rise upon you. I will Surround you with My Word. And I Am going to Heal you with the Sound of Life. You should be Radiant to one another."
    -says the Sun of Righteousness, who has Risen

    "Having Come Forth for them and Leaving with them, He will Not Forsake His Inheritance"
    -says the Holy Spirit of Eternal Promise

    "I Am a Personal God. The Time has Come. Come Deeper than the Cross. Meet Me"
    -says the Lord, who has Come this Far for you

    "A Divine Exodus taking Place Now. A Divine Evacuation..The Rapture is NOW."
    -says the Shadow of the Most High
    "New Mission for the angels…Four Corners." -says the Lord
    This is the Gathering of the Saints. Heaven is NOW"
    -declares the Lord, who has Given me Eyes to See and Ears to Hear

    To All Nations:
    "I Am the One who Loves you and Gave His life for you. Because the Standard to enter into Heaven is Absolute Perfection, I died for you. Salvation is Simple. Someone took your punishment for you. That's what Salvation is all about. Salvation is hid in Christ. I Am the Christ..Your Light has Come. -says the Risen One

    "This is Peace and Safety..He who Dwells in the Shadow of the Most High. The Kingdom of God is open to everyone. And My Love for you is Real. Come to Me. Believe in Me. Come all who are Hungry and Thirsty…Come, and I will pour My Heart out to you. You are Welcomed at All Costs. Come…"
    -says the Hope of the world, JESUS

    "All that you Need pertaining to Life and godliness, I have Provided in Christ" -says God, the Father
    "In Christ, you have been Provided with Everything you Need"
    -says God, the Provider
    "Jesus is All you Need" -says the Bride, who is Clothed with the Son

    "Can all who Call upon the Lord be Saved?" -asks the Lord, the Cross Barer
    "At that exact moment" -replies the Lord, who makes all things New
    "All who call upon Jesus shall be Eternally Saved"
    -says God, the Rock of Eternal

    "May you Continue to give them Divine Instructions and understanding at such a Time as This" -says My Eternal Wife, who has Prayed to Me

    "All Nations, it is your Time to Come" -says the Holy Spirit of Love and the Bride of Christ
    "JESUS IS HERE!" -proclaims the Voice, crying in the wilderness

    I AM
    -says Jesus, the Great Revelation

  16. I just want to say that Holy Spirit showed me that I failed to put on the armor of God's Word. So please remember that Satan wants to prevent us from being effective in our prayers and being in contact with others. It's so important anytime, but especially now, because the hour is short, sisters and brothers, satan knows this and is on the prowl throwing spiritual dagger and trying to control situations with family and friends. Sincerely. I love my Lord Jesus Christ and am looking towards His coming.

  17. Those who are ready, please make sure that your friends, neighbors, relatives are ready. Please tell them about your salvation. That is our responsibility and God's order for every born again child.

  18. According to scripture , America will betray Israel by agreement on a Land division peace treaty ! This will cause the destruction of America by earthquakes ,tsunamis ,hurricanes and massive death ! It's only a matter of times,and if president Joe Biden is that betrayer…. Oh well ,prepare to leave here !!

  19. Jimmy, why in verse 17 of Luke 34 did you read two people in one bed? The text clearly now says “ two men in one bed.”

    Coupled with the following verse of “two women will be grinding” It certainly sounds like something else.

    Mandela effect Bible changes?

  20. Off shore rig on fire , massive demonstrations in the streets, stand collapse killing 2 , stampede killing 44 , rockets cause massive damage in cities , Huge protests worldwide , Turkey Iran Lebanon Iraq Syria Jordan threaten, for the apple of gods eye the chosen above all others you are not doing too well are you .

  21. This is fake. The devil has completed end times prophecies in the past 40-42 years now! The antichrist has ruled glaring USA since 2000! We’re in the great tribulation with the devil running everything not God. The devil is running things here; it’s not a future event. We’re under the devils wrath now

  22. However, the Bride of Christ (the Church) is composed of an exact (specific) number of people. Only God, the Father knows when that number will be reached.
    Also known as the "fullness of the Gentiles": "I want you to understand this mystery, dear brothers and sisters, so that you will not feel proud about yourselves. Some of the people of Israel have hard hearts, but this will last only until the full number of Gentiles comes to Christ." -Romans 11:25
    After the Rapture, the focus will move from the Church and return to Israel and "the 70th week of Daniel".

  23. what's really causing all of this apocalyptical fighting is Satan the devil has hardened millions of our hearts. knowing that judgment day is very close and that he's going to lose the battle of Armageddon and be cast into hell.. b. safe people. Jesus died for our sins so we don't have to ourselves in hell. believe with ALL of your heart that Jesus died for your sins and you will be saved. When we go to God go with forgiveness in your heart or God wont forgive you. think about it , your asking God to forgive us all of your sins and we wont forgive just1 person one sin? why would he forgive us all of yours if you wont even forgive 1 person. one sin .. were all in the same boat sin and deserving hell wise. forgive to be forgiven. one bible verse comes to mind is romans 6;23 for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our lord. that's a free gift ask him for forgiveness. how will he give it to you? if you don't ask him first

  24. Where are the other up and rising End time Warriors!! The Burning Ones!! The ones who don’t have a religious spirit, the ones who are Bold, and courageous!! The ones where no matter where they are at they will preach the Gospel!! Can Jesus get a Battle Cry from his Burning Ones!!!
    May God increase all your spiritual senses through the HolySpirit, and increase the favor over your life, increase the Discernment, Wisdom, knowledge, and Understanding, and increase your Boldness and strength in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

  25. Pastor Jimmy, I have been hearing you preach and teach for many years and you have many times been a blessing to my life. I agree a 100% with everything I have ever heard you say on many subjects except when it comes to end time prophecy. I want to submit to you a couple of questions concerning the rapture of the church, that maybe you could comment on in a future video. I believe that the passage you refer to on this video as referring to the rapture, is in fact the return of Christ to remain on earth with us. In this passage the ones coming with Him “who sleep in Jesus” would also have to be the “dead in Christ” that will be risen “first”. So if they were in heaven with Jesus without a body, why come back to earth to be resurrected and receive a body to return back to heaven? How will their existence be better or different in heaven with a resurrected body than before as just a spirit without a body? Why can’t this passage be interpreted as we “meeting” Jesus in His return like we would “meet” someone coming to visit us at our home, not to go with them to their home but to come inside ours? I have other questions but I would greatly appreciate it if you would address these in one of your future videos.