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God doesn’t want you to live life on your own. Jesus taught us in Matthew 6:11 to pray this way, “Give us this day our daily bread.”

That means God wants give us power, anointing, wisdom, direction, insight and protection every single day. But it’s not going to happen automatically. We have to ask God and include Him in our daily lives. Let this message show you how to take time to acknowledge God each morning. As you do, not only will your day go better, but God will keep you from making major mistakes. He will open the right doors and take you to the fullness of your destiny.

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Joel Osteen Joel Osteen is a New York Times bestselling author and the Senior Pastor of America’s largest church, Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. More than 10 million viewers watch his weekly inspirational messages through television, and over 60 million people connect with Joel through his digital platforms worldwide. Joel can be heard 24/7 on SiriusXM 128 — Joel Osteen Radio. Connect with Joel on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit his website at Joel Osteen

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  1. This is definitely what I needed. Over a week now I've been going through a situation where I've felt alone like I had not done all I could do for someone wasn't enough when in fact I had. Out if love by before consulting GOD first. My GOD WOKE ME UP EARLY TO HEAR this message because I had struggled with results of a situation that I knew I had gave my heart to. THANKS FOR THIS MESSAGE

  2. Lord ty your always on time father give me my daily bread lord I need you more and more each day lord walk before light my path to do your will I ask
    Lord your grace favor wisdom over us this holiday season we need a financial blessing so we can pay our rent and get a few presents lord we seek you first daily cause with out you we are lost ty for your love I rebuke any confusion from are lives lord help us for fill your plans bless us Jesus give us the Holy Spirit to guide fill my house with your presence injna