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If we want to see the promises of God fulfilled in our lives, we have to learn to look beyond our circumstances. Don’t stay focused on where you are. Lift up your eyes and look beyond to the greater things God has in store!

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About The Author

Joel Osteen Joel Osteen is a New York Times bestselling author and the Senior Pastor of America’s largest church, Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. More than 10 million viewers watch his weekly inspirational messages through television, and over 60 million people connect with Joel through his digital platforms worldwide. Joel can be heard 24/7 on SiriusXM 128 — Joel Osteen Radio. Connect with Joel on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit his website at Joel Osteen

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  1. God talks to me through you all the time. I will read a particular verse in the Bible and within hours or about a day,
    I Sometimes even out of boredom watch either of you Pastors Joel and Victoria and you will be talking about the Same thing. .
    It happens to me a lot, like the majority of times I watch you, And then my eyes get wide or my mouth drops, it's amazing.
    Sometimes it happens on Facebook as well.
    You're blessed and so I'm I.
    I'm grateful to God and to you. It happened today too with ""Abram believing God and, Lift up your eyes,,
    that is what prompted me to write this and let you know that God is in Control, but You know that already. Thanks for all your work, it's working

  2. Join us to pray against the Wuhan virus – Novel coronavirus outbreak. And, also pray for the people suffering in China, Singapore and many nations. We don’t need to say perfect and long prayers. Our God is all knowing and full of mercy and grace. Leave your amen at @Doxk

  3. I need You Jesus to come into my heart to make it feel Peaceful again please. I repair my Truth I have the Best most Gracious Family in the World please let me be with them as a Blissing too Thank-You Joel&Victoria&our Heavenly Father&Mother ,Amen Love,C&Y

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