John Bevere | – Lessons I Learned the Hard Way: When You Aren't Getting Fed in Church—John Bevere

Have you ever felt like you weren’t being fed in church? In my experience, it is all too easy to point the finger at everyone else, but we would be wise to look inward and ask God to search our own hearts. Here’s my story…

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John Bevere John Bevere is an international speaker and best-selling author known for his bold and uncompromising approach to God’s Word. John and his wife Lisa are the founders of Messenger International—a ministry dedicated to equipping and discipling the nations. John Bevere

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  1. Whoa did I need this and have been so quick to join the parade of others in their grumbling and condemnation. Repented once again yesterday and saw the willing and obedient come alive and came out of church with a whole new attitude

  2. How do you change your attitude ? I genuinely want to be submissive and willing but I feel like my willingness/attitude is not right how do I change it ? Im in a wierd situation I want it but it seems my will pushes against my want if that makes sense what can I do ?

  3. This obedience and willingness are not toward another man but towards God.
    There are teachers who teach falsely about many things like you suppose to tithe and give 10% to your pastor. According to this, you ought to obey it and be willing towards this false message.
    Only obedience and willingness we can count on is what Christ did 2000 years ago. He was obedient. Our obedience and willingness are like filthy rags, especially if it is pointed toward another man.

  4. I had the exact same experience. I went to a church in UK where the teaching is known to be good. Many around me had the same feeling of not being fed . I started being frustrated. When I went to God in prayer , He told me exactly the same "the pb is not with the church, the problem is you. Check your attitude. You are the church. We can push through a lot when you have passion. Fix your attitude. The next sunday, I decided to change my attitude. I gave my all in worship. I still struggled with not being frustrated by the fact that I was grtting nothing and felt like I was dying spirituall. But I made the decision to obey and not to leave that church unless God authorised me to. It took two whole years. I still was not getting much from the word and the pastor himself said that he is no longer passionate preaching to the church and finds more interest going abroad to do apostolic work. Stayed faithful for two years amd God released me at his own time and season. I thank God he revealed to me the issue with my attitude and worked on my character

  5. recently I was part of the great falling away I was twice dead as scripture says after making a desition to follow Jesus being born again after becoming discouraged by church and struggling with the flesh I gave up went back into addiction injecting drugs even stealing to feed my addiction many ungodly sexual relaships listening to demons bitter at God after suffering homelessness and being used and abused by others and the world i spent years away from God but deep down there was still a smouldering wick these times were horrible I,m thankful ive come back to the father through Jesus Ive spent time repenting and am part of a bible believing church I know God can forgive those who once new him but have been tempted away its never to late Jesus loves you and its not the fathers will for you to stay were your at today if you will call on him confess and decide to follow jesus again he is waiting for prodigals sons and doughters to come home The devils plan is to keep you away by fear and guilt and his lies like its to late you will never be forgiven unfortuantly just like scripture says thier will be some who never return don't lrt saten make you one!!!?? Bless u

  6. Where does it say you're supposed to be fed in church? You meet with YHWH to WORSHIP Him. You are GIVING to Him.

    PS Christians break one commandment each and every week all on the same day of the week so obedient? Uh-huh…… That's hilarious.

  7. There are a couple of typical Evangelical lies in this talk; 1. the guy claims he cried during the whole sermon, 2. he claims that overnight he made a paradigm shift in how he responded to his pastor. Another huge problem with this talk is how he emulates his pastor. That's an absolute no, no. A Christian needs to search as the Bereans did in order to have full understanding. I realise not all have this capability. But this guy seems to, but seems to miss this part of a relationship with God. Can't grow in a relationship without finding out what the other perfect half wants to create from the relationship.

  8. whatever. i have no interest in pretending my pastor is doing such a great job….when the churches dont take interest in the individuals….but instead the money in their pockets. church in the USA sucks the big whatata. its a cupcake rally at best.