John Bevere | – PODCAST: Conversations with John & Lisa | Ep. 178: Summer of STRONG 2021

Building spiritual strength is imperative in this season, but where do we start?

We’re answering this question on today’s podcast as we unpack things like…

—How strength is displayed through authenticity

—The difference between meekness and weakness

—The role of consistency in building strength

—How to say “no” to your flesh

—How true strength is sourced by God

God is strong and He wants us — His kids — strong, too. Now is the time to start building strength together!

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About The Author

John Bevere John Bevere is an international speaker and best-selling author known for his bold and uncompromising approach to God’s Word. John and his wife Lisa are the founders of Messenger International—a ministry dedicated to equipping and discipling the nations. John Bevere

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