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  1. I went to this church earlier this year and can honsetly say the holy ghost was in there. People were praising God like never before. The word was so fullfilling. I came all the way from NC. Pastor John Gray please have a church in Charlotte, NC

  2. Love seeing Gods elevation of the Grays– God said HE will make your name great!!! A ministry that serves the community that IS the will of God!!! Love it!! I would love to be a part of their ministry. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. I was watching this and when the brother said "crazy praise births crazy miracles." When he said this, I took off running through my house. I had a bad car wreck 3 years ago and broke both my legs, the right one, every home from knee down to the toes. I walked with a limp and pain. I tried to run and paly with my kids but couldn't bc my leg would buckle and hurt. But I ran!!!!!!! Praise God and I am going to keep running for Him!!!

  4. I remember years ago when Pastor John's sermons had meaning and a real message. He was a big influence on me coming to the Lord. He's just all singing and shouting now. I realize it must be difficult to come up with a new sermon every week but I pray he'll get back on track soon.