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  1. Praise God! I received this word tonight. @ 4:16 AM I woke up this morning and saw the spirit of Job in my hallway. God knows my heart my ups and downs. I so needed to be reminded of having the patience of Job. Thank you God for your love,mercy,grace.

  2. How do you tell if it is god who is with you I have some sort of entity on my back everywhere I go its almost disturbing what seems like thought reading/ punishing me when I do certain things that arent God like but alot of times for no reason also. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Not sure if its Evil or Him himself.thanks and god bless.

  3. This is one of the most powerful sermons I have ever heard!!! I'm watching things happen in my life AT THE SPEED OF GOD!!! Not my speed. I am speechless!!! God bless you John Gray. GOD BLESS YOU!!