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  1. John and Aventar Gray, this message was and is for my husband and I. I’m sure you get that allot but I’m telling you this whole series was as if you had opened up our brains and been watching out our windows of our lives! Our spirits leaped like never before a whole new fire has been lit within us we now know for a fact that God has been using you to minister to us directly and we cannot wait for the day that WE WILL SEE YOU in person to thank you. Had we not received by faith what you’ve been preaching to us in our most desperate season then we wouldn’t be now arriving in our harvest season, the time where like you said everything is clicking now and we’ve only just begun! Know you and your most beautiful wife inspire us to be a strong faith filled power couple like you guys and we’re not ashamed anymore, we are better and stronger than ever and we are grateful for you being the vessels you are so that we can become the vessels God creates us to be!

  2. Stuff you prayed for is going to show up
    Get in your spirit
    What’s coming to you is going to be so CLEAR

    2018 is a year where you are going to access God and walk in your purpose.

    You have to accelerate.
    Come to church ready to grow & lay your flesh down.

    You are about to be the suddenly.

    Preparation meant acceleration.
    You have been serving others vision for years
    All the stuff you sowed will accelerate you.

    Don’t be too comfortable
    Don’t be too familiar

    This is the way walk ye in it
    Holy Ghost will whisper to you
    It’s time to shift again

    Life through a different lens give you humility

    Lord I thank you
    Breathe on my business
    Breathe on my job
    Wisdom to make wise choices

    Are you my accelerator?
    John the Baptist was an accelerator.

    There are purpose accelerators.
    There are people designed to push you in your life.

    Purpose ignitor is the Holy Ghost/Spirit

    Purpose expanders eg the disciples

    The enemy will be looking for you where he last saw you
    But the only thing he will see is your footprint.

    Purpose expanders people God assigned to your life Who will push the purpose in you out of you.

    Even what look like an accident was a purpose.

    Preparation and acceleration is happening at the same time

    Get some expanders who will speaker life to you
    You’re exactly where you need to be
    No devil in hell can take it from you.
    Life is moving at the speed of purpose.
    God will expose an enemy that’s trying to hold your purpose
    God will free you from spiritual bondage. Believe it will happen. Believe for the shift.

    You won’t have time to pack in the spirit and in the natural.

    You’re about to find your tribe. Jesus identified and chose his tribe. You have to move with the right people

    1.Your tribe has your vibe.
    2. Your crew understands what you been through
    Still got your kind and purpose. The devil lost.
    3. Your team will share your dream

    5 is the number of Grace
    When the grace period is over you get benefits

  3. May has been my January that's when I could feel my full shift. God is the center of my heart. All the time I spent trying to do it without my Father. Thank you God for never giving up on me and pulling me through. Even in the deepest,darkest,ugliest moments I say Thank you.

  4. praise the lord my dear pastor ; and iam pastor Williams from India ,iam doing gospel in triabiels and poor peoples area from india andhra pradesh [ iam telugu ]
    and very very i like u r preach and u r good prayers , and we r bless , u r good prayers , and i would like to invited my country in my place ; and u r good preach and pray for us and this is my email [ ], and this is my facebook ,[ pastor williams pastor williams ] thank u for u r good prayres ,and i will whatting for u r good answer , thank q praise the lord

  5. Pastor John, maybe you could do a sermon on "Speed of Buying Power"? You know, how to go from being so poor you have to share a shrimp cocktail with your wife to 8 years later being able to buy a Lamborghini? A real man of God would have used that money to feed the poor not feed his ego.

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