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  1. Just another guy trying to prevent so-called “pre marital sex”. I don’t know why Christians keep doling out advice like this. You can’t do ANYTHING to curb the desires for the opposite sex. Your hormones are gonna push you to want to be alone with the person you’re dating, just the way God intended.

    Also the basis for this presupposes the sexual neutrality of the girl, which is silly. You don’t think when a girl is attracted to a guy that she won’t try to make a move for intimacy? I mean, c’mon. That’s why the onus isn’t totally on the guy.

    No we don’t want Christians sleeping around (although many many are lol) but if two people make a connection they are usually gonna get physically intimate. It is what it is.

  2. My question Is if you never spend alone time how can you develop a relationship with a woman and decide to marry her? I totally agree That sex should be saved for marriage and remaining pure is key I’m just honestly wondering how you develop a love for someone to the point of asking them to marry if you always just hanging out as friends?

  3. young men asking..

    atheist girl for phone number:
    a) yeah sure! my name is sophie btw 🙂
    b) i have a boyfriend
    c) phahahahaha!

    christian girl for phone number:
    a) eehmm.. ahhh.. mmhhh.. eehhh.. (looks ashamed to friendgroup who observe the scene carefully)
    b) i'm 18 years old and marrried (that handsome church guy randomly appears)
    c) well the lord told me my future husband will be half israeli, half brasilian and he is a vegetarian ingenieer who does crossfit and when the seventh trumpet in heaven blows the lord shall speak: THIS IS YOUR FUTURE HUSBAND! YOU CAN SAFELY GO ON A FIRST DATE WITH HIM!

  4. Don’t date women don’t marry women I don’t want to hear what you have to say dude they want to be independent they want to be strong women you don’t want to hear where they can have sex and not have sex because you’re going to have sex anyway they’re pushing that agenda right now and Christian women the same way they’re all looking for an alpha male so they can get them selves pregnant the latch on to some guy thinking of the guy will take care of them arrest her life guy is gone and she touches on to the court

  5. This is advice is really encouraging. As a woman, I do not want a guy to ask me out on a date right away to get to know me. there should be some time of getting to know each other in group settings as brother and sister in Christ. I would want him to get to know me personally in group settings so that there isn't too much pressure like, oh my gosh this guy likes me, now I need to think about if i like him. thats too rushed. getting to know guys personally and intentionally in group settings is awesome. then after a while of that and the guy is still interested, he should ask her out. double dates are great too!

  6. Even without sex being involved, why should anyone open up their lives to someone whom they will never marry? Dating is ungodly with ungodly responsibilities and a sign of lack of belief in God's providence

  7. What would you say to young men who want to first FIND that girl? The biggest problem I've encountered (especially having been homeschooled) is just finding and meeting girls. Never mind all the difficulty that comes from a relationship once it's begun; myself and many dozens of my male Christian friends in their late 20's have the hardest time just finding a place where we can meet girls. And believe me, meeting girls in a public and fast-paced environment, no matter how Christian, is utterly futile because you never connect on a deeper level than "Hi, my name is __ and this is what I like."

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  9. i would say if u want a woman.. and she's pretty good looking.. make sure you're making nice money.. are in nice shape, and have nice social influence.. that is the only way you're getting a pretty nice looking woman these days – even Christian 😀 .. unless God does a miracle 🙂

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  11. I have a friend that love God and respects women, but I have no feeling for him. It's we are too much alike and agree on so many things. Never disagree never fight and there is no tension no chemistry. Is there something wrong with me?

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