John Piper | – Do You Feel Distant from God?

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  1. We have to remember that we live by faith and not feelings or something else. Its faith in the written word of God, and that he keeps his promises, because he do. If you have put your faith in Jesus and are living by the holy spirit in you, eternal life is in you, remember that when you feel distant, and pray anyway because he hears you!

  2. Excellent. Not sure what he was getting at with fasting … What? Just fast and you'll desire God again? Sounds suspect. Also, I think we do have to go through dry spells … it does have to be that way at times, all in God's perfect design and plan for our lives, a plan which includes times of desperate seeking after the Lord.

  3. I'm 19 and am somehow strayed away from the path of faith (I have stopped going to church, don't pray as much, etc.) I'm trying to find my way back. If anyone is reading this, please keep me in your prayers.

  4. I disagree. You can't "snap out of it". I've had prolonged periods before, weeks, of just about no communion at all. And this was during the greatest spiritual high of my life. This was a period where I was reading my Bible and praying for a minimum of three consecutive hours a day not including the many other times of spontaneous devotions and prayer. But it was at this point where I dealt most strongly with God's distance. Would four hours a day have drawn him? I doubt it. God does what he wills. Certainly we often inflict it on ourselves, but that is in no way a constant. Sometimes we just have to pray and wait in the hope that he will return. Sometimes you can't "snap out of it".

  5. i’m 17 n i’ve done lots of sinning lately w/ sexual n just being busy. i noticed i’ve been really lazy w/ God, n when i pray i try to rush it. i also say that i want to go to Praying meeting n i always end up not going. plz pray for me

  6. To all the people looking at this comment right now I love y’all and and just keep pushing through whatever you’re going through it’ll get better and you’ll get through it because pain doesn’t last forever❤️

  7. Please someone pray for me, i feel so distant from God, at the start of the year when i first got saved my relationship with the Lord was very strong and great but i’ve gotten so distracted and i can actually see my anxiety getting really bad, i’ve fallen back into sin and i’m so concerned. please someone pray for the Lord to give me the strength, i really feel as though i’m being attacked by the enemy as i have so many doubts in my mind, i know they don’t come from God though. i just want to be on the right path with Him again ):

  8. I really do appreciate a mature perspective like this man has. Very genuine and he doesn’t sit on a high horse about how much better he is than us. But he still does call out those that are not fixing the problem. He truly did help me to snap myself out of the mindset that I am hopeless.

  9. Omg I need God to help me. Help with my thoughts, my mind, memory, emotions, feelings. It’s a whole war zone and honestly without God there is no point to life. Nothing here can bring me what my soul needs.

  10. At times I too feel dry in my prayer life. It seems nothing is working, nothing good is happening. My heart feels so heavy and I don't feel interest in doing anything. Sometimes I get rude response from prayer members. And from people whom I never expected offer me support.

  11. When Francis said "snap out of it" it reminded me of Ecclesiastes. Bad and good things can go away as quick as the snap of a finger. If I seek, I will find. A few days of fervent pursuit, regardless of any apathy, to push through and rid myself of the distance. If it's something simple like that, which I didn't think it would, I'll take Francis up on this and go hard for God.

  12. I was raised in a abusive house. So my mom never loved me, idk if it’s bc I’m the only one mix in my family or it because my family always favoritism my brothers. But my family didn’t open up being honest until I was 25 saying that my mom never wanted me she only wanted me for the child support money and that mom tried to give me away and my grandma tried to push me in a stroller into the streets when I was baby. To this day I’m 28 and my family still the same even worse now they act like they know everything they act like they’re the greatest thing in this world. And me I keep to myself, keep busy with work and school, always trying to reach my goals in life and same time I try to call and come see how my mom and family are doing even tho every time I’m around it’s like the evil disgusted look I get from them and not even saying anything besides a “hello”. Yet they claim to be super Christians. Oh another thing idk where this comes from but the church they go to taught them that you have to have money to go into heaven. What!?!?

  13. I love God with all my heart❤❤. I dont know if im sinning. I want to get closer to God every single day. I don't know if im doing anything wrong. I feel like im not doing enough to please God?

  14. Can someone please pray for me. I feel sooo distant from God, and as a teenager it’s already very hard to be a Christian, but I feel so alone through it. I fasted but I still didn’t feel close to God and I’m rlly trying. I don’t know what to do anymore

  15. I’ve sinned so much , willingly as well. I’m at the point where I feel the spark is gone, the fire I once had for God has burned out and I’m just here. I have so many wounds, so much sadness and anger and pride, among other things. I feel too far gone. If anybody sees this, please pray for me. My name is Ashley Rivera, and I’m 18 years of age .