John Piper | – Ephesians 3:7–13 // Part 7 // Even Demons Are Part of God’s Plan

Nothing that transpired in history as part of God’s saving plan was decided within history. Whatever happens now was planned long ago.


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  1. i am so very very very grateful that i belong to Christ Jesus as one of His✝️ Chosen Elect (Revelation17:14). i am so very very much in awe of our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus as i live and love to adore and worship Him✝️ (Revelation 4:11). My survival is that i maintain my focus on a Walk of Faith that is a Total Passionately Loving Devotional Trust in Christ Jesus as i am unceasingly prayerful AND yielding to the Holy Spirit in word & deed, in Spirit & in Truth (1 Thessalonians 5:16-24, John 4:23-24, John 10:27-30). i do NOT lean on my own understanding as i KNOW that i AM His✝️ devoted daughter seeking to be pleasing unto Christ Jesus always and in all ways. i am grateful for all my sufferings as they brought me into deeply intimate and personal communication (communique) with Christ Jesus by way of the Holy Spirit. However, i do not hide the fact that i questioned how it could all be… (as i was dealing a severely assaulted existence). i knew that i would always love and adore Christ Jesus no matter what. However, i could not deny that i questioned the sufferings experienced. Jesus revealed to me by way of the indwelling Holy Spirit at a point of my traveling thru the valley of great darkness that the darkness was needed so that the light could shine. i desire to go deep in thought and spiritual awareness… but ONLY as led by the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:14-16) so that i remain safely abiding in the Will of God (Romans 8:26-30) thereby being pleasing unto Christ Jesus (Matthew 25:21)

  2. This reminds of the verse thats says God made peace and God brings chaos or storms.

    Evil is not evil to God….

    Who made the garden of Eden? Who put the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the garden, who put the snake (aka the devil aka Lucifer in the garden to tempt Adam and Eve)

    Who made Lucifer. .God did. .who made free will? Who made faith.

    the answer to EVERYTHING is God and love and God is Love (tough love too)

  3. Demons are one of the main things God used in my life that brought suffering that lead me to a need for Christ and to a greater understanding of the Lord's love, righteousness, grace and mercy, and it has produced strong faith and joy in my life. Although demons do more than how they were used personally with me.

  4. Demons are to test his Elect. They search the heart for fear an doubt "A Dark Place To Hide" while they circle your Light!! You will see. When u become. A Pillar of Light
    My Testimony
    Kevin Walker

  5. I still don't get why God needs to show His will/wisdom/purpose to demons. They'll never benefit from it and, as far as I can see, we won't benefit by the demons seeing it. Obviously there is some massive benefit, but I'm just not seeing it.