John Piper | – God Wrote a Book: Where Else Will We Run?

It is an immeasurable wonder that God has given us an inspired book containing the truth about himself and his ways and what he wills for our lives.

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Produced by Desiring God
Written by Marshall Segal with John Piper
Directed & Edited by Tristan Carnahan
Running and Acting by Greg Morse

Written by Ryan O’Neal
Performed by Sleeping At Last

Cinematography by Tristan Carnahan
Additional Camera by Stefan Green
Color Grading by Ryan Schroeder
Sound Design & Mix by Defacto Sound
Produced & Managed by Stefan Green
Special thanks to Guytano Magno

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Comment (42)

  1. this is not important…. in comparison to how he wrote it. And dont tell me he used men to write it …. because he didnt. He only used Men to record it. … think about it. think about it very carefully. Jesus told us, how God testifies of himself. through his Word. and His word was not written by him with ink or on pages….. men did that part as they recorded as he directed…. but what did they record ? that was what God wrote.

  2. "God wrote a book." Sheesh…a gross oversimplification by most theological standards.

    "Either we meet Him here, or we don't meet Him." Woooow…so God doesn't show up in life experiences that don't necessarily have anything to do with the Bible? What about in places of the world where THERE ARE NO BIBLES, for that matter?!

    The dualistic compartmentalization of these things is ignorant/simple-minded at best and intellectually dishonest at worst. It reveals an unsophisticated, meat-headed approach to the historicity of the Bible and, ultimately, an insecure obsession with the exclusivity of Christianity–the idea that Christianity must have a monopoly on truth in order to be relevant or believable.

  3. We have been called to A Life of Ro-mance…

    If we understand that this is the REASON for Life in the first place, we'll be breathing to have that (A separate intimate time with our SOURCE…. and Our FATHER! ).

    What we even do afterwards, is from HIM (The mission HE wants to accomplish on Earth – but this time, it'll be from You – So out of LOVE, you work. Excellence, grandeur, diligence and sorts become the result).

    We've got to teach us minds (that have been tricked and lied to). We got to be renewed that The Ultimate and First Essence of Life lies in Enjoying God.

    Get to know more about Jesus.
    We have to also be taught well by Pastors – So learn from Pastors who are solely on Jesus Christ and it will light the fire to know more.

    We are co-llaborating with our Creator – That alone keeps one dazzled.

    Thank you John Piper. You have been a vessel by which Christ has dwelled in our hearts by Faith.

    Thank you Sir.

  4. Its only when we love God with all our heart that we will be willing to read his word his love letter to us i have been doing that for the past 12 years and it has been such a blessing my love for him grew God is more real in my life and the blessing that i have is more than amazing like as an alarm clock the lord wake me between 3 a. to 4am everyday and when I call upon him through the day he is always there, you have no idea what we miss when we deny God the time that he want to talk to us I cant stop loving him talking about him sing for him

  5. Prizing His Fellowship ♡

    An increasing concerns to Know and please Him. (God Almighty )
    To seek God Himself
    Look to Him as Father
    Esteeming My Adoption
    Valuing The cost of my Adoption .
    Hunger for the smile of God in all my ways ,that drives and governs my  hearts desire.
    Adoption shows the meaning and motive of "gospel holiness " gratitude twords a Holy God is expressed in Holy Spirit life of obedience out of Love not legalism.
    As a child of God is true to his Father, true to his Savior, true to himself as Esteeming
    Ones adoption understanding The Great Expense and cost of my Adoption.
     Driven to be a blessed child and a heir, rather then a rebellious prodigal  black sheep in the Royal family. This valuable Adoption Producing  holy living for a Holy God, Lead by a Holy Spirit, for a Holy Savior.
    Esteeming,  The Atonement, Justification,
    PROPITIATION,  and Valuing Adoption.
    I get to cry Abba Father.
    Oh The Blood of Jesus Christ
    How Eternally unlimited power, to cleanse, deliver, heal, restore, rebuild.
    Blessed assurance Jesus is mine,
     oh what a fortaste of GLORY DIVINE,
    Heir of Salvation. ………….
    The witness of The Spirit of God.
    Historical Faith is true saving faith.
    Knowing as a Son adopted.
    "story " faith  is belief in Christian facts
    Without response or Commitments.
    Soulish carnal , fleshly, 
    Adoption : " The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God's children,
    And further if we are children,  we are heirs. Inclusive : inner witness of The Spirit of God.
    When one Knows The Gospel, trusts Christ, brings forth meet for Repentance, and manifest the instincts of a Regenerated life, Fruitful life,  old things pass away, behold a new creature.
    Born of His Spirit Washed in His Blood.

  6. I don't understand the relevance of a video of a jogger?. Is the Bible a jogging book which jogs our mind and spirit, or do joggers carry the NT? I missed most of the message as I was distracted by the video and will have to go back to the beginning to listen without looking.

  7. I’ve been struggling to be motivated to read from the book that lets us see the miracles in our lives. This has made my cry like never before. Thank you for this fantastic motivation. I feel uplifted and now connected to our father in heaven. God bless.