John Piper | – Have You Exorcized a Demon?

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  1. Best way, turn out all the lights to get a spooky vibe goin, light some candles and open the window ( the wind blowin stuff round really adds to the drama) force subject to drink holy water, recite prayers in latin and smack em around with a big bloody cross usually effective unless the subjects mental illness severe enough that they aren't responsive to psychodrama god bless

  2. I believe my older brother has demonic oppression in his life. He keeps talking to spirits in his mind out loud. He also talks to his spirits in his mind around our house and his head is really red. He reckons he has "mild" schizophrenia, but what he is manifesting around the house is a different story. He swears a lot saying the "f" word, he shoots and booms around the house while pacing around the house. He also is a heavy smoker which the smoke gets passed around while pacing around the house I feel sorry for my mum and my son at times. We are a christian household and are bible believing christians. We are in West Auckland, NZ by the way. We never allow in our household to swear and use cuss words like the "f' word. I am convinced of this and nothing will change my stance over this.

    I know that God tells us to love another as he has loved us. I understand that. God is Love. In my life personally, I am trying to grow more in my faith and sticking to God's Word which I am doing, thank goodness for that. In the mean time, I look after the house, vacuuming cleaning, put dinner on at times, do the dishes, look after my son for 2-3 hours after school before my mum gets home from her school. I don't mind doing these jobs, these I can do.

    It is my older brother when he is talking to his spirits in his mind, he gets my family uptight. I love my older brother, I have to. This is what God's Word says. I just know that what he is manifesting from his mind is not normal behaviour.

    Please keep our family in your prayers, I don't know if families worldwide go through this issue as well as I do.

    Brother in Christ

  3. Even before knowing my God and his Son Jesus Christ, Satan visited me quite often.
    One thing I know about Satan is clear.
    He always laugh at me, try to kill me with his blade, but he just could not kill me with his blade because…
    I sense something absolute mighty power… something like an armor that protect me from his blade.
    I know that armor is my God's power or his angel.
    But the point is… even at that very moment Satan visit me and scare me, I fear God more because I know I have sinned against my God not against Satan.
    So I fear him, My GOD, Our GOD, Our beloved Jesus Christ.
    Please, forget about so called exorcism. Only trust in the Lord. And he will surely save you. Do not fear Satan more than Our GOD.
    May Our GOD watch over you all. Amen.

  4. Yes, I totally love Mr Piper's honesty here. Demons are not a game or a show, people may or may not be under their influence. I mean some are and others just want to be, induce themselves into the expectation of others. In this testimony we see clearly the LOVE of students for the girl, the pastors careful approach, the word applied as it is all of it more a reflection of the Lord teaching out and rescuing a soul from the clutches of darkness. That I do respect

  5. People who associate with the evil spirits always send negative elements and wrong and evil judgements beside false doctrine. They deal with issues in their own carnal ways by forcing and threatening.

  6. Honestly no, I have never exorcised a demon. Does binding and casting out count?
    There was a new young mother of two that came to our church. After she had a talk with pastor, Pastor had a talk with me and told me that she had just signed a year lease on an apartment and that she and her children were scared to death because there was something unseen in the apartment. That I was to go to her apartment and get rid of them. I had been saved about 20 years prior but this was a first for me. On Monday after her children were off to school, I went through each room with my Bible, binding and casting out. Gee, nothing to it and then I came to the last room, the living room. The woman was sitting on the sofa just watching and waiting. I started to bind and something unseen came against me with much prower. My mind was emptied, I was unable to speak and I started to shake (like someone undressed out in a blizzard), when she saw this she said "Oh Jesus!" I hear His name and was able to repeat it over and over in im mind until thoughts returned and when I could again speak, I continued. Afterwards, even the air in the apartment was different, lighter. She and I are very close 50 years later. She nor her children have ever had another attack. I learned that the people that had lived in her apartment before her had been into the occult. I guess some of their demon friends just stayed behind when they left. Go figure… But God is always faithful. Trust in Him and He will see you through. However you may find your faith tested along the way.
    Wouldn't it be a very boring world and not very biblical one, if it was as some Christians believe? That all such things, including gifts and healings had stopped with the New Testament days. That once they come to Him they would no longer be tested (?) or go through any tribulation and no demon would ever dare come against them. Sure hope they aren't confronted for they won't be prepared to handle anything; but different strokes for different folks…

  7. How many people suffering schizophrenia have been convinced by others they have demons? The Bible never touches on mental health, or does it? Instead it refers to mental health issues as being demon possession. We have uncovered this lack of human knowledge from 2000 years ago. And only relatively recently. There is a lot more to understand yet. But it's not healthy wiping the slate clean and inputting ancient understanding of mental health as being demon possession.
    In my humble opinion.

  8. The girl was obviously medically/psychologically ill. A 911 call + 21st century medication would have been more appropriate than reading and singing out of a phony book of spells. This is the 21st century folks. Time to grow up

  9. Casting out demons is normal Christianity (biblical). 1/3 of the gospels were casting out demons and He commanded us to do the same. Mark 16 "Anyone who believes and is baptized will be saved. But anyone who refuses to believe will be condemned. These miraculous signs will accompany those who believe: They will cast out demons in my name, and they will speak in new languages.They will be able to handle snakes with safety, and if they drink anything poisonous, it won’t hurt them. They will be able to place their hands on the sick, and they will be healed. When the Lord Jesus had finished talking with them, he was taken up into heaven and sat down in the place of honor at God’s right hand. And the disciples went everywhere and preached, and the Lord worked through them, confirming what they said by many miraculous signs."

  10. God saved me from demons.. His name is Jesus. The only deliverer who came for me. I saw Him face to face, in my room.

    Jesus is real. Jesus means God is salvation.. i saw Jesus approaching me, and i saw God behind Him (fire,same fire like Jesus)! ..

    I saw many demons and principalities left me.. after that moment, Jesus spoke with me that after that day, i will forget Him and will be sexual immoral and other stuffs. But He told me that He will straighten my path.. i could not understood what He meant until years passed by that i was into deep sins..

    After 15 yrs just last year, i accepted Jesus as my Lord and saviour, the moment i did it, my spirit woke up and i knew sins.. and i was crying and begging Jesus to deliver me for 1 yr..

    Just recently, Jesus spoke to me and said "your god has become deliverance. Surrender everything to me even your desires to be delivered from your sins".. i did it, and i prayed.. 2 days after, i committed sexual immorality for demons came again.. but i didnt cry, i prayed to Jesus and said "i trust you in this. I sinned Lord, forgive me.".. the next day, i cant explain but i hate sexual immorality. And all i want to know is Jesus.. ive been reading bible day and night now. I even came to know that the name of Father God is the same as the son, also Jesus, and He is who He is.

    Im writing this now while being attacked by demons. But who cares? I praise God that even demons attack me now, even if i dont feel hyped praising God, even if i dont have the feeling worshipping Jesus, I AM PRAISING HIM!!!! Jesus told me yesterday that He is putting me to test where I will have no feeling or desires to praise Him.. but He told me, if i will even force myself to praise Him, then it means i am loving Him more than i love Him when i feel good.

    Im Joezer, former sexual immoral, delivered and saved by Jesus Christ who is the angel of God, the son of God, the son of David, Emanuel, everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, the alpha and omega.

    If Jesus could save me, why can't He save you? Jesus is a living God.

    If I could just touch His fire, even if i will die from it, it will be more than i could wish for rather than being alive and sinning againt Him. Oh Lord, burn me with your flames, and dont mind my flesh. Cover me with your flames even if it could burn me. I dont want to depart from you anymore.

  11. Luke 10:19-20

     19I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you. 20However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”

    Say this "In the name of Jesus I command you to go to the abyss right now and never return"

  12. So you never rebuked the demon out of her in the Name of Jesus Christ? You just sang songs. I don't recall reading ANYWHERE in the Word the Apostles or Jesus Christ doing that or instructing others to do that. So in other words your making up how to handle it – not to have access.

    I've been listening to you . I thought you were a decent speaker. But here again is proof of what JESUS CHRIST said that many would come in His name. You had better repent for adding & taking away from Gods Word & making your own way. Because of YOU that demon is just laying low * laughing at you & her. Satan made a clown ( although you may be a willing/ unwilling participant) of you. And you led others to believe that false doctrine.
    You had better repent. What you did is not Biblical.

    I'll be praying for you, that woman, those you've misled. Those people called on you for leadership & you gave none
    You knew that the demonic spirit hadn't left because when she came to your church you were afraid she would show out.

    Repent Sir

    In Jesus name



    Thus says The Lord: I have spoken, yet those of hardened hearts refuse to harken to My voice. I have written it with parchment and ink through My prophets, behold, I have etched My words in stone with My own finger,[1] yet who has received My message? Who has obeyed My Word, as it is written? I tell you the truth, only those fully converted in their innermost parts have accepted My message,[2] and only those who truly love Me obey My Word.[3] For they remain in My love[4] and delight in My Commandments,[5] knowing I AM WHO I AM.

    So then what of all these smoking firebrands who surround you, who do always rebel against Me in word and by deed? Hypocrites! Shall My children profess to know Me with their lips, and then go and sin before My face in that selfsame hour?![6] They do continually transgress; neither do they abide in the doctrine of The Messiah.

    Beloved ones, to abide in the doctrine of The Messiah is not mere proclamation or belief. To abide in His doctrine is to LIVE by His words, a shining example of righteousness, striving always to make your love perfect through obedience, that those close to you, even to the passerby, may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven.[7] For it is written: One does not live on bread and water alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.[8]

    So then do not just give voice and preach,

    But ABIDE in the doctrine of The Messiah…

    By example shall you lead them…

    Says The Lord.

    Excerpt from:

  14. In my highschool yrs I did astral projection. Could with my mind fly to far away locations…my physical body stayed in bed.
    Never studied how to do it.
    The very first time I looked for answers found a paperback occult book. It had info on various occult practises including astral travel. Wow at least I knew what to call it.
    Anyways that summer I prayed to God and had a very powerful encounter with Him ( by His grace ) never did I astral project after becoming a believer and follower of Jesus!!!
    But wanted to know what the Word said about the occult if anything.
    Well over 400 verses ….
    Witchcraft sorcerers witches divination demons enchanters astrology familiar spirits…
    I agree with this pastor…just keep it simple.
    Allow the presence of God with our faith in Him and we have to be living a Godly life…to pray for those with bondages. If a demon is in that person …who cares what kind of demon it is….it's a demon so if it manifests we just command it to leave the person or building ( if it's a haunted room / house ) in Jesus Name.
    The demon(s) will have to submit and go….
    God is God and He is 1 billion times more powerful and more than the devil or demons who are mere fallen angels.
    The delivered person must accept Jesus as their Saviour and must pray read Word and live a life pleasing to God. Righteousness .
    Four yrs after becoming a believer I sparked an newspaper story about two ex satanists who became Christians. It was a couple.
    The Sat am when the paper with the story came out…a few hrs beforehand I awoke from my sleep and stayed awake !!! Why??? 30 minutes later at 3:30 am a very very evil invisible presence was at the corner of my room.
    It literally felt like : EVIL x 1000 !!!
    I got sooooo afraid !!!!!!
    Then felt it slowly come across the room….got the idea to pray….In the Name of Jesus get outta here…
    even though the devil or demon was invisible I knew it exited in a west direction out by the window area !!!
    Wondered why this would happen? ( 1977 and was a college student ) then thought hey maybe the reporter decided to go with the story ….was a long time since I gave him info about ex satanists becoming believers in Jesus.
    Bought the paper and there was the 1/2 story. "Satan worship…emerging out of the Shadows "
    The first church I attended the pastor Rev Les Pritchard was a wonderful man of God.
    He mainly stuck to the very positive stories/teachings of scripture but this one time he gave an example of a demonic encounter he had. Boy was I surprised. He barely ever brought up that subject or any scripture along that theme.
    He said when he was a young pastor married and with two younger children something unusual started happening. On Saturday evenings at bedtime his kids would make a fuss and cry …he had to go to their bedroom many times to comfort the two kids. Well they slept well for the next nights but on Sat. a repeat performance …kids crying ….Pastor Pritchard was very tired and his service to minster was compromised in the church services on Sunday.
    Anyways this went on and on….kids crying Sat nights…then as he opened the kids bedroom door he saw 2 demons !!! One taller and a shorter one.
    Instantly he prayed for them to go and not come back in Jesus Name. Poof the demons vanished and the kids slept well 7 nights a week afterwords.
    Ephesians 6:10-20 believers should read daily.
    Lucifer 1/3 angels rebelled in heaven….satan tempted and deceived Adam and Eve …satan demons give people powers ….Deuteronomy 18:10-12 ….Devil tempted Jesus….legion of demons in one man ( gospel story) warfare Ephesians ch 6……. 1John3:8 Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil.

    Anti-Christ in the last ..666 …number of or sale cashless society so on…
    We are in the Matthew 24 days one sign is pestilences …viruses…yes Covid 19.
    Satan has a plan …abortion cults crime drugs evolution lies porn fornication adultery love of $$$ ( ok to like $ ) divorce suicide depression and the occult witchcraft Wicca new age satanism psychics mediums ouija boards tarot cards astrology spirit guides spells haunted buildings / graveyards..divining rod…astral projection…crystals….occultic meditation …charliecharliechallenge …UFOs / Alien beings / sleep paralysis are all demonic manifestations / sourced …..divination …witches…sorcerers …..enchanters…100 's of forms…
    Jesus is greater….
    Sadly 98% of pastors do not know anything about demonology and thus the general public is not warned about the devices ….the trip wires ??? spiritual mind fields… people like sheep make a bee line towards a pack of wolves….
    It's not a sin to warn people about satan/ demons / sinful areas demons use to destroy people….if it were a sin why would God allow so much verses in the Holy Bible on the evil reality.
    If a murderer was loose in my neighbourhood would we not tell others so…
    Well satan and demons are at work 24/7… so why do we not give warning and at the same time give the Good News of Jesus.
    Yes the battle is 24/7 …just read the world daily news…fallen cursed world…rapes murders …abuse…violence …sex trafficking…stealing…lying….drugs …

  15. I believe he is in Portland. Prayerfully his church is able to influence the terrible rioting and violence there for Christ! The devil is trying to ravage America and Christians must shine Light into the darkness of deception and false narratives.

  16. Satan is real and so are his fallen soldiers, they are in all shapes and names you can think of. Very sneaky and powerful, The only thing that can save you from them is getting baptised in Jesus Name and praying daily.

  17. Every Protestant that proclaims that we are justified by Faith Alone should HEAR these FOUR words by James 2:24 echoing in their heads:
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."
    "not by faith alone."

    The Protestant Scripture Twister Series #4 – Luther 2:24

  18. The reason that I’ve come to this clip is because as I re read the gospels and Acts. Deliverance and the identification of “impure spirits” seems like an almost daily thing…so my concern is whether we have become blind to recognising impure spirits at work and whether we should be directly commanding them to go more often??