John Piper | – How to Fight Addiction in a Pornographic Culture

In five minutes, Voddie Baucham exposes the pornographic nature of our culture and provides men and women with a key tool necessary to fight addiction. See the full resource at [support us]

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  1. I believe the key to overcoming this, truly is Christ. Every time someone is tempted, they often pray “Lord please help me not to fall” “Lord I’m getting tempted so hard rn I can’t resist”. We as humans have no power to overcome temptation on our own, it by the help of Christ we will gain victory over the temptation.

  2. The modus operandi of the Bible misrepresenting religion of Christianity is to call something sin that God never says is sin. Watching pornography is not a sin. Don't let Christianity put you under that unbiblical satanic bondage.

  3. Been since October ! All praises to The Most High .Stay in the fight

    Resist the devil and he will flee .

    “No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it.”
    ‭‭I Corinthians‬ ‭10:13‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

  4. The amount of willpower that a man has to have or the amount of self control that a man has to use today compared to 100 years ago, I feel, has risen exponentially due to the phonographic society we are almost pushed into. Everything is acceptable now. In my heart I know it isn't. It's not what I want, not what God wants.

    Lord please cleanse my mind and soul of the wickedness I've allowed to enter it. Without you I cannot. I give it all over to you. You are almighty, I trust and believe in you. I want to serve you, and no longer serve my self pleasures or these world no more. Amen.

  5. Satan must have thought "this is my greatest secret weapon" since some few years back people would struggle secretly with pornography and masturbation because of the shame and guilt it produces. But today I am encouraged to start seeing people fighting this battle openly and unitedly. Its about time we fight against this sin together and put away the traditional thoughts of people who doesn't watch pornography and masturbate must be pure and better which makes us feel shameful and hide away. Let us be more open about this topic because lust comes from the thoughts that no one knows (except God) unless we express it out and we are mostly tempted when we are alone. So, I pray and believe that if we stand with each other we can help one another to fight and win this battle to extend the Kingdom of God!

  6. Can I also say that I think girls need to be educated in the correct way about what they ware, pertically in Church when they have those leggings on and it's tight around the crouch. I'm not meaning to make excuses because I know I can only play my part but I do think we need more mother figers whom girls trust and can give good solid love to them and correct them in dress ware where needed.

  7. Porn along with every sin is fought by the Holy Spirit, you need to ask God everyday to take away your desires and satisfaction you get from porn or any sin and to replace it with a satisfaction in him. Also fasting is extremely beneficial. I was very determined to overcome porn and for the first 2 months I would fast every single time I started to get tempted. If I felt any temptation whatever part of the day it was I would not eat until it left. I usually had to do this at least once or twice a week. The first months are difficult but if you pray everyday for God to take away your desires and pleasure you get from porn and give you a desire for him he will. You have to understand the reason why you watch porn or commit any habitual sin. My reason why I watched it was because it was more satisfying than Jesus was to me. So my goal wasnt to just quit porn, but to get a joy in Christ that was greater than the joy I got from porn or from anything else.

  8. Well, first of all, don’t make a big deal out of it. Second, concentrate on the good effects of freeing yourself from the addiction not on the bad. Don’t bring in sin, hell and heaven to the attempt. Religion has no part in any addiction. If you relapse, use the opportunity to study all nooks and corners from the experience so you can compare that state of mind with the liberated one from earlier on. Ride the feeling of freedom from the addiction like a wave and enjoy those impressions as aware as you can be. That will keep you from going back and it works. Clenching you’re fists, praying like a mad monk, forcing yourself to think about something else, doesn’t and affects you’re health in the long run.

  9. Pray pray pray. The notion that you yourself will be able to abstain it’s a burden too heavy to bear. Come to me all you who are heavy burdened and I’ll give you rest. Pray that the Lord will carry that burden for you and you will find that He will carry you through.

  10. Yahweh and Yeshua don’t want people to get the Corona virus or any of the plagues to come on them Eze. 33:11. Yahweh’s Word comes to me and Yahweh want’s me to tell people what He is saying to me for their sake, that they may live and not die Hos. 4:6. On 1-4-20 Yahweh told me that people wearing the clothes with the store bought holes in them are drawing a spirit of poverty to themselves.  On 3-12-20 Yahweh told me that paganism is not an option.  On 3-16-20 Yahweh said there is going to be mass confusion Yahweh also told me that without holiness people will not live.  Heb. 10:29 speaks about punishment for
    regarding the Blood of the Covenant as unholy and insulting the Spirit of grace. Yeshua gave His life for us at Passover not Easter.  Yeshua told me to speak to people about Mat.12:40 in which Yeshua told the people that He would be in the heart of the earth 3 days and 3 nights.  When I was a little girl Yahweh and Yeshua got me to count to 3 when the pastor said that Yeshua died on good Friday and was raised up on Easter Sunday.  When I counted to 3 it was always Monday, not Sunday.   For pastors to say this to their congregations, they are bringing confusion and error on the people and Yahweh is not God of confusion, 1Cor. 14:33. Jer. 16:19 says that our fathers inherited lies.  The history of Easter has nothing to do with Yeshua’s death burial and resurrection. 
    In Mat. 6:10 Yeshua prayed to Yahweh for it to be on earth as it is in heaven.  They are not doing Easter egg hunts in heaven and they are not saying that Yeshua died on good Friday and raised up on Easter Sunday.  The Bible states that Yeshua gave His life for us at Passover.  These are the scripture references Mat. 26,
    Mark 14, Luke 22, John 18 and 19, and the apostles kept the Passover 1Cor. 5:7 Heb. 11:28.  Yeshua told me that there are also no Christmas trees in Yahweh’s sanctuary in heaven.  Yeshua told me that the Christmas tree is the modern day Asherah pole, 1Kings 18:19, 2Kings 13:6, 18:4, 23:6.  Yeshua told me that He was born close to the feast of Tabernacles in October, so I celebrate His Birthday in October.  Confusion of mind is going to come on people if they don’t stop observing man’s traditions Mark 7:8-9.  Please read Jeremiah 44.  Yeshua told me that the J name is not His name and not to call Him that.   Research
    how old is the letter J and also look at principles of translation in the front of the Bible and you can read that the translators acknowledge that God’s name
    is Yahweh and that they chose to leave it out and the words they substituted for Yahweh’s name.  Mal. 2:1-5 Please do your research and ask Yahweh to confirm this message He gave me.

  11. Hi, Yeshua told me that we are in a fight to the finish.  The enemy is continually devising new strategies to try to have a spirit of witchcraft on us or other
    demons such as pride and to get them into churches and to defile the church so that Yahweh will not be there in His power and glory, and of course Yeshua, our
    Messiah.  Yahweh told me that when people do a service with their shirt tails out that they are drawing a spirit of witchcraft to themselves and that the spirit of witchcraft then goes out from them onto all of the people and it even comes through you tube.  This witchcraft spirit will make you feel bad and confused.  Witches are going to churches pretending to be Christians and they will ask you to pray in agreement with them against suicide for example and when you agree with them then it allows them to attack you with witchcraft One prophetess that wanted my anointings and position that Yahweh had given me tried to kill me with witchcraft by putting a spell on something that she knew that I would pick up and as soon as I picked it up I became very sick and I called another healer and we prayed together and the witchcraft was broken off of me.  She had been married to a shaman.  If we are in association with people that might do witchcraft against us then then our association with them allows them to be able to attack us. Be careful who you associate with.  If a person has an anointing and position that they would like to have they should ask Yahweh to bless them also.  Yahweh has limitless power to give and there is plenty of work to do for everybody. Yahweh also told me that the enemy makes the demons back off to deceive people into thinking that miracles and healings are happening when they are not, and so people will think you can dress however you want to and even be shacking up and be walking in miracles. People shacking up and showing their nakedness are not speaking in tongues by the Holy Spirit they have the counterfeit or they are faking Yahweh told me that people that are faking the gift of tongues or have the counterfeit holy spirit will have confusion of speech.  Rev 21:8 and 22:15 state that sexually immoral people don’t go to heaven, so they are not saved.  I even met a woman shacking up that shook under a power and did a tongues gibberish and then interpreted it in English things that I had not told her about myself but she did not receive it from the Holy Spirit.  People are also defiling the sanctuary by the clothing they are wearing.  When people go into church showing their nakedness or anywhere else, they are defiled and they are defiling people that see their nakedness and they defile the church.  Yahweh told me people wearing the clothes with the store -bought holes in them are drawing a spirit of poverty to themselves.  Yeshua told me that people wearing Marilyn Monroe things are drawing a spirit of suicide to themselves.  These are scriptures that speak about holy array, 1Chron. 16:29, 2Chron. 20:21, Ps. 29:2, 96:9,
    110:3.  In Mal. 1:6, and 1 Samuel 2:30, Yahweh speaks about honoring Him.  In Luke 11:2 Yeshua told the disciples to pray to Yahweh that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  These are some verses that Yahweh gave me to let people know what He wants for us, Zec.3:3-7, Isa.6:6-11, Exodus 19:6, 1Peter 2:9-12, and this is how Yahweh has the 24 elders dressed in heaven, Rev. 4:4 and rebellion is the same as divination 1 Sam15:23, Deut. 18:10, and 2 Kings 21:6 speaks about the various aspects of divination.  People are doing things and have things in their possession that keep them from operating as who they are
    in Yahweh and from having blessings Yahweh and Yeshua want them to have.  Yahweh told me that music being played while a person is speaking a sermon or a doing a teaching that this is demonic interference.  There are people doing this and they don’t realize that it is demonic interference.  I hope everybody will pray and ask Yahweh to confirm to them what He has told me.

  12. Hi, Yahweh has opened my eyes to see the Seer realm, the Glory realm and the Spirit realm and He has shown me a pornography demon and
    the demon looked like the person it had control of and was feeding off of.  People that are in sexual sin are sexually defiled.  Yahweh spoke to me about sexual
    defilement and I didn’t even know there was such a thing.  Yahweh said My people will come out of pornography or they will go blind.  When the person gets so full of the sexual defilement it will blind them.  People can repent of their sin and ask Yeshua to cleanse their minds of the defilement and their sight be restored.  I heard a man’s testimony of Yeshua telling him this and the man asked Yeshua to cleanse his mind and his sight was restored.  People with demons of pornography still have to be delivered from the demon.  People in pornography, drinking, drugs, gambling, habitual belligerence, lying, stealing and other sin have demons that they must be delivered from.  A demon of oppression of women attacked me one night and it looked like the man that had it.  Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world so the demon lost. Satan makes the demons back off so people will think they are free who have gone through counseling or a program. Then when you think things are going great the demons take control and have you doing the destructive sin again and people don’t understand what happened.  Yahweh told me that people wearing clothes they have bought with the holes all in them that this is indecent exposure and they are drawing a spirit of poverty to themselves.  People married to or living with somebody in pornography or who is a narcissist or habitually belligerent will feel tired or exhausted all the time and they will get weaker and weaker until they die and they will be attacked by demons in their sleep form the person with the demons.  Children in the family situation will also be attacked in their sleep. People must not stay in these situations.  People who are habitually belligerent will
    also become very weak and will not be able to go to work and they can die from it and from seizures from their fits of rage they can get M.S. I met a man that
    Yeshua told me he had M.S. from being habitually belligerent and that he could not be delivered from the demon until he repented of the sin.  Yeshua told me the demon would not leave until he repented.  Yahweh and Yeshua have given me a healing and deliverance ministry and they have taught me a lot but all of must always pray to Yahweh and Yeshua in every situation to ask them what to pray and if the person must repent of sin to be delivered or healed.  People with demons are not saved and they must get free and receive Yeshua as their savior.

  13. My brothers and sisters, it's not about willpower. It's about connecting to God every day.
    You connect to God through prayer, and you tell him everything you are feeling and struggling. You focus on his promises and faithfulness.

    We connect to God by reading the scriptures—this transforms us by renewing of our minds.
    We connect to God via repentance—we take irreversible steps to change our daily habits completely.
    We change our habits by staying away from certain rated TV shows, books, websites. If you have pornographic DVDs or any downloaded videos saved you utterly destroy them and talk to God about why you're doing it.

    If you have magazines, you burn them and destroy them. If you have any sexual thing that causes you to sin, you will take it and utterly destroy it.
    If you are a member on any sexual site, you will unsubscribe, delete your account and block all emails from it.

    Here's a verse that spoke to me from Psalm 40, when I was in bondage:

    "I waited patiently for the LORD; he turned to me and heard my cry.
    He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.
    He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God."

    You need to establish your RELATIONSHIP with God. It is his Holy Spirit dwelling in you that will bring transformation. God's indwelling presence transforms you from the inside out. I have found that there's like a spiritual reflex that blocks every sexual thought, even before it registers in my mind. It's like arrows bouncing of steel armour.

    Pay attention to verse 3 of Psalm 40. His indwelling presence fills your heart with gratitude and praise. You use this gratitude to worship our mighty Lord. Praise him for his grace! Praise him for his mercy. Even when you feel down, thank him that he loves you and that he died for you for the very reason you're struggling right now!

    Only God can set you free. It's his power. It's his forgiveness. It's his mercy. It's his grace and they're all available to you right now, in your darkest moment.

    Focus on God and his attributes (faithfulness, mercy, kindness, forgiveness)—Christ came to set us free. You're going to make this pattern your everyday habit.

    NEVER forget that you will be (and are) forgiven, no matter how many times you fall. Remind yourself of God and his love and mercy, no matter how sick of yourself and how much you hate yourself.

    When you fall, you go straight to God and pray to him. Cry, yell, let it all out. Tell him how much you hate it, how much you want to be free. Be completely honest. Run to him straight after you fail. When you're feeling your absolute worst, run straight to him and cry your frustrations into your pillow as you pray to him. He hears every single word.

    "God is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.". Believe that verse.

    Read Psalm 91:1–4
    "Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
    I will say of the Lord, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust."
    Surely he will save you from the fowler's snare and from the deadly pestilence.
    4 He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings, you will find refuge;

    Here's a mental image I used to focus on who God is, based on the verse above: I am a small chicken that runs from the predators to God. God allows me to hide under his wings. I am safe, and he accepts me. He cares for me.

    When he sets you free, don't stop hanging with God and don't forget to strengthen your brothers and sisters. There is hope, and there is forgiveness. If you need to talk, feel free to contact me. I'm happy to chat over email, phone, skype–whatever.

    GOD WILL SET YOU FREE! He did that for me, and he will do it for you.

  14. If you struggle with any sin you truly hate, you need deliverance of the demon. There is a spirit of pornography, masturbation, sexual perversion, lust and so on. Here is a link to be delivered. We need to teach the ministry of deliverance in the body of Christ. The link below will explain it all and ends with a powerful prayer that delivered me from many spirits who were controlling many parts of my life and were tormenting me. God bless you.

  15. Please know that the great Voddie Baucham himself is 100% experiencing these same things he is preaching about. If he would claim he isn't, he is either lying…..or lying. NO ONE is free from these basic human emotions and feelings. And NO ONE should feel shame about them. God doesn't love you any more, or any less….period.