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  1. If you are one of those who has been taught that scripture cannot be changed, you better investigate the following before you stand at the gate hearing Jesus explaining this…

     What Jesus and His Father have spoken will never change, their promises are still good and our prayers are still answered! Hallelujah!!! But as impossible as this sounds, like so many of the true stories in scripture, our bibles have all been supernaturally changed by Satan in the last several years, right in our homes, in the fulfillment of prophecy. It's being done to prepare for the reign of the antichrist. All languages and all translations have been changed with black magic along with concordances, encyclopedias, dictionaries, history books, the ancient  Hebrew, Greek, Latin and Aramaic manuscripts. Even the Dead Sea Scrolls have been changed!    

      I'm 68, was saved when I was 10, and have read only the exact same copy of the King James bible my church gave me in 1961. (This does not mean I was a King James onlyist)  I had memorized many scriptures from it through the years. Then in 2014 I started seeing changes in it that I couldn't explain. I have an exceptional memory, I remember my 3rd birthday party and can draw a picture of my baby stroller. I had never owned a computer and had never heard of the Mandela Effect back then. But after finding out about this phenomenon a year and a half later, I finally found out why I had been noticing all of the oddities in my bible. I then started diligently studying what should actually be called the Daniel 7:25 effect. That's where God said He would give the antichrist the power to do this. We're seeing the fulfillment of end time prophecies happening SUPERNATURALLY! This is some of the "lying signs and wonders" in 2nd Thessalonians chapter two!

       God said in the end of days, (NOW!) that He would send us a famine for hearing His words in Amos 8:11 and that He would give the antichrist the ability to do this in Daniel 7:25. In Daniel 12:4 He told him to seal his book until the end days. He told John not to seal his book because the end time is at hand in Revelation 22:10. One of the definitions of seal in Strongs concordance is “to protect from Satan”. He also told us to “write His words in our hearts”, which meant memorize, if not word for word at least the essence of what was written, because He knew this was going to happen. He also warned us in second Thessalonians chapter two, that He would send a strong delusion to all that didn’t receive the love of the truth. I'm convinced that this is at least part of it! (not seeing the changes) The only scary thing about this is that hardly any Christians have noticed any of the thousands of changes yet!                                                      

      God commanded us to "prove all things", and people better obey Him, especially on this subject. I urge you to research this. There are many brothers and sisters making videos about the changes with more proof of what was originally written and I have lots more about this in my playlist which you can find by clicking on the v under the six playlists on my home page.

      I've continued to study scripture by learning what Satan has been changing. If we don't have internet some day, or YT censors all truth, we'll only have hard copies of the bible that Satan wants us to read. At that point, Amos 8:12 will be fulfilled where it says we won't be able to find God's words anymore!
    May God bless all who read this with eyes to see this incredible faith strengthener, and how close we are to our Saviour's return!!!!

  2. Thank you for your faithful teaching of God's sovereignty. I have only recently come to experience a sense of peace regarding the rebellion of a loved one who professes faith in Christ but has been running from God for the last two years. I have worn myself out with my attempts to convince and convict. I have prayed and fasted and begged and wept and stopped. I have allowed the enemy to torment me, to cripple me, and strip me of joy. God has been faithful through all of this. He has revealed more and more of my own sinful nature to me, my lack of trust, my pride, my selfishness. He has shown me the perfect humility, perfect obedience, and perfect love of Jesus and He has allowed me to rest in His providence. God is good, He reigns. All glory be unto the risen King.

  3. What kind of truth? Your heliocentric proud American man walking on the moon? Did Jesus ever walk on the moon?? Many of your old videos are incorrect. You say things which are nosense like "we are not on the planet by mistake" while the definition of "planet" is actually mistake coming from the big bang and evolution theory. I suggest you to remove that video and also the other ones in which you speak about man going to the moon cause they make you make a very bad impression. There are 240 scriptures that support a flat earth. Research the biblical earth and the firmament (dome of glass) Genesis 1:6-7 Psalms 19:1 Job 37:18. Much love. God bless.

  4. From the video I understood that I have to become a farmer who plants things :)). Thank you for the clip but from my point of view it would have been a lot greater if you would have showed specifically what evanghelism is,sharing the gospel, praying for that person, helping that person when they go through pain, loss or suffering, answering their questions about God, invite them to church ….The video is to abstract it seems to me and that person is quite lonely, all by himself.

  5. You are a liar, John Piper. On Oct 22nd you looked at the 65 million corpses of babies killed by abortion and said, basically, you were more concerned over Trump's pride because it was more deadly. That is a false accusation. No amount of production quality, no amount of lofty music, no amount of your spiritual sounding, soft voice can cover your deceit. Abortion KILLS.