John Piper | – Though You Slay Me – Shane & Shane featuring John Piper

“Though you slay me, yet I will praise you.” Through Christ, Christians can not only say this in their deepest suffering — they can sing it.

Shane and Shane with John Piper

John Piper audio excerpt from “The Glory of God in the Sight of Eternity” ([support us]).

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  1. I guess I will drop the bomb here for many people…
    but Jesus doesn't slay you.
    In fact 80% of what Jesus did was healing and deliverance.
    We are not Job. We are new creatures in Christ Jesus (2Cor. 5:17)- redeemed and made Sons of God through the redemption of Jesus Christ – We are one with Him (1Cor. 6:17)
    Sickness doesn't work for you. It works for the enemy. Sickness is sent to kill, steal and destroy, guess who does that?
    If God had a plan to teach us through sickness, then He wouldn't say to us to pray for a healing!

    Come on, church. We are His body. How can God send sickness and desease and weakness to His own body and then expect us to be effective for His great commission?

    1. Jesus paid the price: Through His stripes we are healed. (Isaiah 53:5)
    2. Recognise the sickness as an enemy who wants to steal, kill and destroy.
    3. Command it to leave until it does (in Jesus name!)
    4. Praise God for you are healed/delivered!

    I just can't agree with the teaching that comes from so many worship songs. Becareful what you listen to, test it all with the Bible.

  2. John Piper, as well as Shane and Shane, thank you. I’m going through a very painful breakup, and I’ve been through my fair share of them but this one hurts in a peculiar way that I can’t fully articulate here, and might not be able to in person if I tried. This song has GREATLY ministered to me right now, it’s an understatement really. I can’t fully articulate how greatfull I am for John Piper’s YouTube ministry, not just this, but all the videos. He is a personal hero of mine.

    Have you ever thought your worship could be rejected? Why are the church doors forcibly closed due to the Covid 19 pandemic? God's wrath is not to destroy the sinners, but another expression of God's deep love, and His desire for the sinners to repent and return to Him, just like the Parent disciplines His children who went astray. Hear what the Spirit says to the churches and return to Father God!

    7번 [Time to Escape From False Churches]거짓 교회에서 도망나와야 할 때이다!
    Do you you are born again just because you go to a church? Not all churches declare the Truth. On the contrary, your church could be a completely worldlye church. For your own soul, you must come out of the churches that use the Bible but do not declare the T3ruth and speak lies differing from the bible. Hear what the Spirit of Truth says to the churches and receive the eternal gospel!

  4. I lost my wife almost 5 months ago. We would have been married 40 years. We were together 14,786 days. My daughter shared this song the day after she passed and I said it has to played during her funeral. I still need to hear this.

  5. Everyone please listen to what I have to say! Jesus is coming soon, are you ready? Have you repented? Have you turned towards God? The Lord wants you in his kingdom to spend eternity with him forever! He loves you with all of his being, he wants you to have trust and faith in him. I am coming to warn you all that Jesus is coming back sooner than you think! Only the Lord knows when, it could be tomorrow, next week, a month from now. He only knows. He wants you to repent your sins to him, he'll take care of you. If you follow him with all of your heart, you'll truly see how absolutely loving he is! You gotta trust me on this, you gotta trust the Lord and savior! He died on a cross for me and you. Don't turn him away, he doesn't want you to perish. Turn to him before it's too late! You can search up YouTube videos if you would like to learn more! The videos really help explain a lot! He really helped me too! ^^ But y'all, I'm telling you this now before it's too late. This isn't something to be taking lightly, whether you believe him or not, please please please turn to him!! I know I'm not a very good explainer but I'm really trying to warn y'all! Even if you're a good person, you could still go to hell because all you did was ignore the Lord and not accept him. Even if you may think you have a good connection with the Lord, it can always be stronger! Please don't ignore him anymore, he wants to be in your life. He's always with you! Even if you may be upset because of what's happening on this Earth right now, you could probably tell that there is not much longer. Don't be left behind.

  6. This is a wonderful song based on Job's words in scripture. Job's faith is something I aspire to imitate as I battle with a rare form of stage IV cancer at 29 as well as the sudden loss of our 3 year old daughter almost 2 years ago.

    Amazingly to me, God has sustained my wife and I through all of it so far through the support and prayers of our friends and fellow church members. Many things have encouraged us, but most of all we have found comfort in knowing that God is in complete control, and that he is good.

    Recently we watched two film documentaries call "American Gospel" and they have been such a huge and wonderful reminder of the truth of the Gospel and of God's faithfulness to redeem our suffering and all of the brokenness in the world. I cannot recommend them more highly!

  7. Lord thank you for Dinner. Lord thank you for a place to lay my head. Lord thank you for covers. Lord thank you for clothes to wear. Lord thank you for fans. Lord thank you for a shower that works. Lord thank you for a toilet that works. Lord thank you for air conditioning. Lord thank you for sight. Lord thank you for air. Lord thank you hearing. Lord thank you for tasting. Lord thank you for a brain that works. Lord thank you for thought. Lord thank you for memories. Lord thank you for that breeze on a hot Summer day. Lord thank you for family. Lord thank you for friends. Lord thank you for communion. Lord thank you for love. Lord thank you for a vehicle that runs. Lord thank you for money in the bank. Lord thank you for shoes without holes. Lord thank you for providing a place to wash my clothes. Lord thank you for friends that bring me clothes. I could go ON and ON as my blessings far out number anything this world may throw at me. Most of all Thank you Lord for paying the price for me. Lord thank for making it so easy for me. Lord thank you for loving me before I entered existence. Lord thank you for dying for us, big brother I can never pay you back. One day I'll hug you and thank you and I'll wait until then.

    Brother Jeremiah

  8. I love this song. This is my story. God has been winning my love and His grace is more than sufficient. We live among many who hate Him. And I was in that boat. He put the best people in my life. The promise to see Him face to face is more than I could ever ask for.

  9. I wasn't brought to this song because I'm suffering, but because I read Philippians 2:6-8, where it says Jesus, who existed in the form of God, the Father, laid aside the privilege of Godhood, and took on the shape of a slave, a human being, and the King of kings acted humble, and the Lord of angel armies acted obedient until He was cruelly murdered, all because He and His Father knew that it was the way to rescue us from being orphans in our sin. It's not fair that my precious Jesus had to suffer for me; I was such a wretched hypocrite before God bought me as His slave, and I was a wretched hypocrite until God adopted me as His beloved son, and my Jesus suffered heinously to accomplish that. I find it hard to refrain from thinking "How dare you deprive me of the suffering I deserve, how dare you allow Yourself, the King enthroned in glory, to be sullied by my wretchedness and FOR my wretchedness. I deserved that suffering, and Christ took it for me. I will GLADLY suffer for Him because He gave me a gift of immeasurable value when I deserved suffering. Any suffering charged to my name only makes the gift of God that much sweeter.
    God be praised, and may His name be blessed in every generation and among every people.

  10. I just broke up with my girlfriend because I was exhausted helping her alone in her difficult life. There is no way out for her. We have sought help from her family, my family, government aid, social support, the church. It all failed. I don't know if it's anybody's fault. It's not her fault she has depression but I can't help but think if she could hold herself together for a few days, she wouldn't scare the help away.
    I'm a sinful broken man who can't even help one person. I just heard this verse again, this memory verse from 2 Cor 4 which I carried about in my heart for years. I don't know if everything happens for a reason, even if that reason is God's glory. I can't help but feel that He should take her home, because there's nothing for her left in this world. And I don't dare to say that to her face. I don't dare to face my mistakes I made when trying to help her. So I left her. I'm still struggling and that's all the testimony you'll get from me.

  11. A universe without God is meaningless. I always point that out to my atheist friends. I tell them, "You better hope that God exists!". You can't add meaning, if meaning does not exist in the first place. Meaning needs to be before us. Above us. Greater than things made of 'stuff'. No matter how hard you try, if you have no meaning, you can't add it. 'Meaning' becomes a false concept. But things do have meaning. We all intuitively know that to be true. Therefore God does indeed exist…unless we are happy with the idea that all is nothing more than chemistry in motion?

  12. Piper has always adjusted his theology to support liberal politics. In the past he has said anyone who supports abortion is disqualified and that McCain/Palin was disqualified due to female VP (idiot what do dems have now ?) And stating that Trump immorality and arrgogance/worse than Biden/harris while ignoring Pence – Piper is a hack period.

  13. Ugly crying scrolling through the comments. It's a very humbling vulnerable experience when you feel anguish in your heart for other people's sufferings. I pray and manifest healing to all of your hearts and I pray you never stop fighting and never give up. We're all broken, and we're all hurting. But none of us are alone.

  14. December will be a year that my daughter died. She was 5 months short from graduating high school. 2 1/2 months after she had passed, I was on the brink of ending my life, until the Lord showed up in my garage and regenerated me when I called out to Him. I was born again that night and I have never felt more comfort and peace in my life. This song makes me weep uncontrollably. Not only did He save me from ending my life, He saved me from eternal damnation. Thank you, Lord Jesus my savior. I will praise You through all my sufferings in this world and am eternally greatful!

  15. The Lord delivered me from horrible fear & anxiety phobias that's why I worship Him with my whole heart I raised my hands and dance cause of how grateful I am others around me might look at me weird but I know what the Lord has done for me.