John Piper | – When a Man Loves a Woman Well

If you want to measure a man, look to the women around him. Woman is the glory of man (1 Corinthians 11:7) — in friendships, marriages, families, churches, and societies — so where women are flourishing, honored, and cherished, we know the men are acting as God intended.

With their minds flooded with the knowledge of the gospel, Christian men see their sisters in Christ, and all women, not as things to be manipulated or dominated, but as treasures to honor, guard, and cherish.

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This clip is taken from “Honor, Guard, and Cherish: A Call to Christian Husbands,” part 3 in a series on 1 Peter called Hoping, Singing, and Loving in the Refiner’s Fire. Find the full resource at [support us]

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  1. I never had a father like a gentlemen. My mother always was crying. I said when i will grow up I will have a good man who will love me. But than I found a man who plays the deepest game like a devil. I wanted to die and thougt the love does not exist. But than after 5 years finally the best man of the world came – Jesus! He found me in my darkness, he saved me from this terrible man and he show me how love is. Real love!

    I am asking me; There is a man like the preacher told?

  2. A women is not a weaker vessel of the glory of God! When the bible says weaker it is speaking physically, not spiritually. God pours his glory, love, mercy and forgiveness to women and men equally! I just want to clarify that!

  3. Well said. Thank you. Unfortunately, I see so many men going into relationships asking 50/50. And the I know actually agrees with that mentality. I wish ppl can do the right thing instead of pushing responsibilities to the spouse. Men and women are not what they use to be. Sad.

  4. When a man mistreats a woman long enough, she loses her sweetness and starts to respond to him like a man, taking away the dignity and gracefulness that she once had. I lived this nightmare and am still living it. Men, treat your wives well. Arguing is never the answer. It is good to humble yourself and listen.

  5. Christians have a high rate of divorce, because when women are treated like gaga babies they have no inner core, the wife leans too much on the husband, it's as if the husband is raising a child, an incomplete adult with no backbone. Lopsided insanity that creates women with no courage, resolve or emotional strength.

  6. Hallelujah, In agreement with this complete message I bind the promises of 1 corinthians 11:7 and 1 peter 3:7 at all times a man will glorify, loosening all that comes against the glory of man upon no return in my life, in the name and blood of Jesus Christ, amen and hallelujah!

  7. That has to be either the most foolish or willfuly evil misrepresentation of what 50/50 actually means. The woman does 100% of her duties, the man does 100% of his, both parts make up an equal part of the relationship i.e 50/50. If you fail to meet your duties then you fail as a spouse. Naturally the man is the protector who makes his woman feel safe and loved, the women is the nurturer who supports her man. However, liberally assigning "masculine" or "feminine" to mundanities such as paying bills or doing chores is a pretty easy way to cause resentment. Imagine refusing to pay bills or lift a finger around the house because "that's your job". You just expose yourself as a lazy, useless human being. Poor lecture.

  8. More emasculation from the wolves in the pulpit .
    Focusing on male love as they do today just helps quicken the mass agenda of emasculation that is in the world and that he fake church is indulging into like an adulterous wife goes to her lover .
    This subtle emphasis on male love not combined with the wife's submission anymore just turn men into slacker husbands unable to take back the helm .
    Love becomes a TOOL in the hands of women who use it as an emotional blackmail just the way Delihla used love to take over Samson .

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