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If God deserves all glory and praise, what does Scripture mean when it mentions God’s glorifying and praising us?

Well, of course it’s right and fitting for us to talk about praising and glorifying God. That’s our calling and our great delight. Our greatest joy is found in magnifying God, so that those two things — our joy and God’s glory — are not two things, but one mutual aim. They are wed together. God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him. That’s what we call Christian Hedonism.

So then, is it possible for us to talk about God praising and glorifying us? This seems very awkward. But is it biblical to even go here, to say God will praise and glorify us? It’s a question because you caught off guard one watcher of your Look at the Book videos, Pastor John. Here’s the email we got. No name was given. “Hello, Pastor John! I was watching one of your 2017 LAB videos, the one titled ‘To the Glory of God Alone.’ I was really confused with something you said near the end of the session, at the 15:47 mark. There you said that we will be praised and glorified. I was stunned. I had never heard that before. What did you mean that we will be praised and glorified? Isn’t this for God alone? If not, what Bible verses would help this make sense to me?”

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  1. Wonderful, delightful and true because apart from the Bible verses that Pastor John quoted, of God's praise for his faithful and beloved children, God goes even further and actually gives out crowns!! (Even though every good work done in these mortal bodies are really and truly the Holy Spirit doing them and no man can take credit for them) The Bible mentions 5 crowns that God gives to those who love and live for Him – the King of Glory;
    1. Crown of righteousness – 2 Timothy 4:8

    2. Incorruptible crown – 1 Corinthians 9:25

    3. Crown of life – James 1:12

    4. Crown of glory – 1 Peter 5:4

    5. Crown of rejoicing – 1 Thessalonians 2:19

  2. When is John going to declare Biden unqualified? Today the supposed advocate for the weak decided to abandon Afghan translators to be tortured by Taliban. Guess they would not vote Democrat like John and Joe.