John Piper | – You Are Not Addicted: The Power to Resist Pornography

No one is absolutely addicted to pornography. You can say no to porn by trusting a better promise.

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  1. The Very Presence of GOD that we have to treasure is not comparable! No amount of money and something else, even physical death, is important in GOD's eyes, because if you lose this life for the sake of the Kingdom of GOD, you will have it back wonderfully, in Glory! So, Sometimes, we Christians, don't just understand the value of being and treasuring the fullness of THE HOLY SPIRIT. Let us not grieve the SPIRIT OF GOD. May GOD help you and I to look at sins the way HE, HIMSELF looks at them. We're not addicted, people of GOD!! Praise the LORD JESUS CHRIST for this message, Amen.

  2. There is ample science and evidence to conclude that the brain gets wired to pornography in a very similar way that it gets wired to drugs and alcohol. If you look at the clinical criteria for drug addiction and disorders in the DSM5 (the chief psychiatric reference textbook), and replace the words with "pornography", you'll see that porn impacts behavior almost identically to how illicit drugs does. So yes, it is an addiction as defined by medical science and must be treated as such to give many people a reasonable shot at overcoming it. Not acknowledging it as such is not too far removed from telling somebody to stop taking their medications and just trust God. Dr William Struthers (psychology professor) wrote an excellent book on pornography, targeted toward the Christian audience, called "Wired for Intimacy" that does a good job laying out porn from scientific, behavioral and scriptural perspectives.

  3. Please pray for me. I am addicted for like 14 or 15 years already. It got grip of me when i was a young teenage boy. It started off "innocent" and a few times, unknowning it was bad at the time for a long time even though i was raised Christian. And it got worse over the years. At a young age (before 10) I already had some urges. Idk if its my body being overflown with hormones or if its my mind because I had these urges so young without having seen any sexual images. Now the last few years I become more addicted, or atleast i'm more concious of it and I tried stopping a few times with only very short amounts of succes. The longest i have been without is like 6 days in a row in the last few years. The only exception was when i was recovering from a heavy surgery, wont go into that but i was free from it for about 2-3 weeks because my body was busy with recovering. Now I watch everyday or every other day if I can manage to hold the urges. Sometimes 3 days but then i break down. If i'm in my addictive state i do it up to 2 or 3 times day avarage… with thoughts flashing in my head don't do it. Sometimes i skip after those thoughts. I believe in Jesus and I asked for help, He gave me help and then I could hold on for a few more days but I always fall back into my old ways.. I want to have a stronger faith, no more doubts or bad thoughts in my mind. But at the same time i'm affraid that I don't have enough faith and will fail to reach Jesus and that i won't be forgiven. And I know it is said in the Bible that I shouldn't be affraid of God and Jesus.. but here i am..affraid that my faith is too weak. I don't want to belong to the people that hear the Gospel but don't do anything with it. I try to tell my girlfriend and friends to believe. My girlfriend who isn't a Christian even made few steps, even reading the Bible(started a few pages) and she prays when she is affraid or lonely. This is the only thing I did that felt right.. I don't know if It's my body and I can't do anything about it because it started at a very young age, or that it is simply lust or a combination of the 2. Morning when I wake up and evening before I sleep it's probably the worst.
    Please pray for me because I am tired of the battle.. tired of failing the Lord everytime..affraid of His punishment because I keep failing Him..I know He forgives our sins but this is a habital sin…

  4. I've been struggling with this for as long as I can remember. I've gone some months without falling into sin and I feel like I'm set free and then I fall again seemingly out of nowhere and it's like I'm back to square one again. Please pray for me that I may be truly set free and that my heart would desire the Lord more than any other temptation of the enemy. God bless you brothers, the Lord is able to accomplish in is what we can't do ourselves. Bless you all abundantly

  5. Well, there it is. I’ve struggled with this sin for years, but the pastor’s argument is solid. I need to put on my big boy pants and say no. Because, in the end, the stakes are very high. I am a recovering alcoholic and I know real addiction. There was a time I’d give up my family for a drink. I know this because I did it. I cannot truthfully say that I’d give up my family at the end of the day for the sake of porn. So, I do have control over it. This revelation is not condemning, it is freeing. I can do something about this terrible perversion of somebody’s daughter or sister or mother or friend. My God is a big God. He can set me free if I am willing. I am willing. I declare, in Jesus name, that I am able.

  6. 24 years old, I have struggled with pornography and sex outside marriage for 12 years. It has progressed to a point where the content has become abhorrent and terrible. I pray every day that release me from this sin, and every day he makes me stronger in my desire for Him and not for the flesh. With Christ, all things are possible.

  7. Christians believe "god" created Adam and Eve full in the flesh therefore human anatomy and nudity was in his plan right from the get-go, and because sexual reproduction is how we make more humans that is also a part of his plan. P0rn, in that sense, was in God's plan. What constitutes p0rn then? Only a perversion of what "god" intended. Ergo, nudity and sex aren't at all considered p0rn in the magic man's eyes. Checkmate!

  8. [The Worship God Accepts]
    Have you ever thought that your worship, sermons and all your time in church might not be accepted by God? If He doesnt' accept your worship then you are worshipping idols!You must hear the Truth as the Truth to understand God's will! Don't be deceived but hear what the Spirit says to to the churches….

  9. Struggled for a 20 yrs . Finally decided to choose to make my spirit strong and . Spend a hour in the morning praying and reading and it’s quieted my lust way down and freed me . I thought to myself …We make sure we feed our bodies everyday so our flesh is strong why not put the same priority for our spirit . I can live no other way now . To slack up on that hour is to return to lust . It’s inevitable . Guess the question is “ have you got bottom yet ?” For me it is yes .

    I was molested by a family member when I was 7 years old. A moment in time I’ve kept hidden until God told me it was time to reveal it. Join me as I go back to my childhood home and speak the word that God has placed in my heart, through his son, Jesus Christ. Join me as I return to the place where my life would never be the same, “The Shed with the Lime Green Trim”

  11. Ok, but what if you didn't watch the porn, and then the guy held onto the money anyway and endlessly told you to wait longer?

    What if you stopped to save your friend but then the desire soon returned afterwards, and the ISIS member with it, until the day you died?

    It's possible to have patience and stay alert if you're extremely tired but behind the wheel of a car. But what if the car can never stop? Are you going to stay awake forever, or will you eventually succumb to the temptation/need to sleep?

    As much as I hate sin, and the weakness of giving into it, and the betrayal of God/Christ, what am I supposed to say? That I can overcome it? Then why have I not? I pray about this time and time again but never find the strength. If it's about faith, then why won't God give me faith when I ask for it, or a wife when I ask for a good way out of sexual sin and somebody to love? I understand what sin does to us. I don't want that, but sooner or later, you become incensed to the point of not caring ENOUGH. I hold my hands up, let me die if it doesn't change. I don't want this kind of life, but I can't escape it. I'm not good.

  12. I pray for guys will pray for me. Because of my parents, I am lonely and because of myself I allowed that loneliness to overtake me and cause me to watch porn and masterbate, causing an addiction to both. Please pray for me. I am suicidal and feel bad because of Christ.

  13. Please pray for me too. Im 61, a Christian, but have had this stronghold in life since I was a child. I know it is sin but I am powerless. I have always LOVED the beauty of women and captivated by them totally. I cant even go to church because there are so many desirable women there. Im in pretty bad shape spiritually. Im also a musician of over 45 years, play at our church and even unfulfilled in that. I am married to a beautiful, loving, faithful, wonderful wife. But the truth is sex and music are more of accurse to me than a blessing.