Jon Jorgenson | – Can a Christian get a TATTOO?

Are tattoos sinful? Will I be viewed a rebellious? Is it satanic? Can a Christian get a tattoo? In today’s video, Jon talks about common misconceptions that many believers have about tattoos, and unpacks what the Bible really teaches about body art.

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About The Author

JonJorgenson Jon Jorgenson is an author, speaker, and spoken word poet whose YouTube videos have been viewed by more than 15 million people. Jon partners with numerous organizations including Awana International, Moody Bible Institute, the Willow Creek Association, and hundreds of other churches, colleges, and conferences all over the globe. His spoken word poetry provides a dynamic and creative experience that captures the imagination of audiences everywhere. As a former Broadway actor, Chicago native, and very lucky husband, Jon hopes to provide a fresh, unique voice to some of life’s most difficult and challenging questions. JonJorgenson

Comment (36)

  1. I have one tattoo and its the christian fish symbol. I can honestly tell you that i wish i had never had it done. Christians who try to rationalize getting a tattoo are walking a spiritually dangerous path.
    Tattoo's are not necessary and they will not strengthen your faith in God nor serve any purpose apart from your own vanity. If you want to be strong in the spirit of God, PRAY and READ your BIBLE!.


    If someone were to grab a Bible and run through it as I have shown here, you would learn what that book says exactly, and how it is directly attached to today’s world in this exact moment. What we witness in the news today was written about thousands of years ago. You will find this info 100% accurate as I only point out for you where to read, and I offer the ability for you to correctly translate some English so you understand. Who will ever tell me they read this?

    Do you remember what Yahweh said at Psalm 89:34? He said He would never violate His covenant or alter what His lips had uttered. With those words in mind, is that a lie? Surely it must be a lie as how many religions teach opposite of what a Bible says? They all say different things. They cannot all be correct. So if Yahweh did not lie at Psalm 89:34 then he must be serious about what he said.

    Every reference book on the planet defines the concept of “The Word” as the laws of Yahweh. Plenty of people have tried to sell a bag of nonsense and turn the “Word” into other definitions. But even your Bible tells you at Isaiah 28:13 in a KJV, that ‘the word’ is precept after precept and precept.

    In a Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance the word “precept” seen at this verse is word no. 6673 in the Strong’s Hebrew dictionary. It is the word TSAV and means “commandment”. Another Hebrew word for “commandment” so an English mind can wrap around this idea, is “Mitzvah” This latter word also means commandment or law. Even in the English language a precept is a law. It always has been. It is called a commandment the same reason a speed limit sign would be.

    One Hebrew word for “Word” is “debar”. It means law or instruction. If you see a speed limit sign it is an instruction in the law. It is not a suggestion you go no faster than 35mph, it is commanded of you. It is an instruction in the law and you are commanded to do it. I keep coming back to this concept of “Word” as people allege to study that when I know factually they do not.

    I like to use the Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible as a reference source. I do this because 200 Biblical Universities around the globe have written the articles on all the topics in this series of volumes.

    They would be places such Oxford, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Duke, and so many others. I find on a level of 100% they concur with each other and I find no contradictions. What is interesting is they do not agree on what the preachers are telling the world. Remember now, this reference source is only telling you what a Bible says and does not care what you believe.

    Under the topic of “Word The” in Volume 4 of page 868 we read,

    “In the O.T, the characteristic is whereby Yahweh makes His will know to me through the law and prophecies.”

    I would suggest most already know that. On page 869 we further see,

    “The sum total of revelation of Yahweh’s will is his law, and Ps. 119e.g. uses “word” “law” “statutes” as if they were virtually synonymous and interchangeable. Yahweh’s word is a word of command, it’s characteristic mood, it may be said is imperative.”

    At page 670 we read;

    “In the New Testament, the word of Yahweh is used of the Old Testament law.”

    So if you believe the “Word” which is what the Messiah was teaching and all of his men were teaching the world after He left is any other thing, you are horribly misguided and lacking truth. This can be a very disturbing thing to learn your observation on an issue has always been wrong and you have been misled.

    As we read in Ps. 89:34 and Mt. 5: 17-20, both Father and Son tell us NOTHING in the law also called word will ever change. Please allow here a further look into how a person’s brain is tricked with nonsense a Bible does not say.

    I am going to speak to you about what the world calls the New Testament. If we have a New Testament in reality, then both Yahweh and Yahshua have told us many wrong things as a New Testament clearly means it is changed from the old one. This is common sense. And we read in Is 24 the world is going to burn up and kill most people because they changed that testament or covenant or law which is all the same thing.

    To discuss this please allow me to go over again Is. 24:1-6 where Yahweh clearly states because men have changed the law and violated the law the world WILL burn up with few men left. This is either a true statement or it is not. If you believe the prophecies are always accurate, surely you know the world have never been burned up. This is a future event and He told you it would occur because men changed and violated the laws both Father and Son said would never change. It is going to happen. If the law is violated it is equal to say His word was violated.

    But now we need an answer at to this New Testament concept because a new testament has to have been changed from the old one or they would be the same.

    Yahweh said he had a covenant with man. It was not a special group and the rest of the world were left out. All were allowed to partake of this “covenant”. This latter word simply means “agreement”. An agreement is a contract. If we have a lease on an apartment it states an exactness in that lease that can be taken to any court and argued to an exactness as to what it says.

    If we change anything in that agreement it is a new agreement or a new covenant. If nothing is changed it is a renewed covenant.

    At Hebrews 8:8 it states, “Behold the day comes says Yahweh, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Yisrayl…”

    Let’s examine this very closely. “Behold the day comes says Yahweh”… The ONLY place Yahweh has ever been recorded saying anything is in his word or law also called the laws and prophecies found in the “Old Testament”. So if Yahweh said it, I would like to know where it was stated in the word.

    Second point to make is if Yahweh stated someplace in His word which we call old testament, he will make a new covenant, already I have a problem. Because I have been harping on physical evidence where Yahweh and Yahshua have both said NOTHING in the law and or agreement to keep same would every change. In fact the place Yahweh said nothing would ever change is seen at Ps. 89:34 where He says NOTHING will ever change that has come out of His lips.

    Going back to Hebrew’s 8:8 we appear to see someone suggesting Yahweh has said in a prior time in the Old Testament he could change the laws and agreement. Where did he say that? And why the contradiction?

    At Jeremiah 31:31 I read, “Behold the day comes, says Yahweh, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Yisrayl”…

    What we find in KJV is Heb. 8:8 seems to be quoting Jer. 31:31 exactly. Now we need to know how it is Hebrews 8:8 is 100% quoting Jeremiah 31:31. And recall, Yahweh said the world will burn up and most people die because they changed the laws and agreement. So how can this be?

    It should be obvious to the reader, the book of Hebrews is quoting from Jer. 31:31. So let us begin there as this verse contradicts Yahweh at Ps. 89:34 and Mt. 5:17-20.

    The word “new” at Jer. 31:31 is word number 2319 in the Strong’s Hebrew dictionary. It is the word “chadash” and comes from 2318. This latter word is therefore our first choice of use. This word is “chadash” and means, “a prime root to be new as to rebuild, RENEW repair.”

    We have just learned it is Yahweh saying he will repair the agreement men did not keep. He will RENEW it. A renewed lease is the same old lease with no changes. If one says in a lease agreement this year I need added a new parking space to that agreement, we then have a new agreement. If nothing is changed it is the same old agreement. Yahweh repairs this agreement in it’s original form by way of Yahshua Messiah who is the first and only perfect High Priest man has ever had to go through. This is another study. It was not a new covenant as Yahweh said he will destroy most men with fire for violating the old one. The Messiah even told you that he personally will take everyone out of Yahweh's kingdom who has violated the law and through them in a furnace of fire because they violated the law. A KJV says this will occur to ALL THOSE that practiced INIQUITY. This latter word has not other definition than 'violation of the Jewish law'. Therefore we find further proof in the very end of things, this being thrown into a furnace of fire after judgement is for the very reason of having violated the law which apparently could not possible have changed since the punishment for violating them is still in place. Can you see the logic?

    What we are left with is a mistranslation which upon corrected by logic, Yahweh no longer is seen to contradict Himself or does the Messiah. Heb. 8:8 which is simply quoting Old Testament at Jer. 31:31 never said there would be a new testament. It said there would be a renewed one.

    This now also concurs and explains why 200 Bible Universities around the globe all tell you, the definition of the “word” in the New Testament is also of the Old Testament law. Can you see yet?

  3. I’m sure the all knowing, all powerful god of the Bible, purposely designed rules that you are supposed to ignore, even though he told you to follow them. This is the same silliness people use to claim the Old Testament doesn’t count… you know, except the parts that aren’t horrific. So we’ll keep the 10 commandments, but ignore the laundry list of laws attached to the commandments. Except that Jesus said that the law of Moses is in full effect, and his arrival changed not a single letter. Just admit you don’t follow the book; that is to say you selectively follow your god.

  4. No, you don't need a tattoo to brand yourself to Christ. Your heart and fruit will do that. It sounds like a bunch of excuses and justifications to destroy the temple of a body Your Father gave you. The argument is flawed and goes down a slippery slope. You are forgiven for tattoos you have gotten in the past, but as a born again Christian, you should know better.

  5. A Christian would never ask such a question. To be Christian is to be born again of water and Spirit, this person abides in Christ. If you profess Jesus is Lord and you really really want a tattoo and you’re looking on YouTube for guidance then I’d say go for it. The tattoo is the least of your concerns, you’re not Christian.

  6. There is much in Levititcus, which was ONLY FOR ancient times (like do not eat pork) and there is much in Levititcus, which still holds true till this today, like Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD. JESUS did not change his LAW regarding tattoo's, otherwise it would have been stated as such, in later parts of the bible. Jesus did change his LAW, regarding eating pork and other meats and you can find these passages in the bible. Futher, you are not a cow which needs a mark to identify itself. Much of Levititcus was put into place for practical reason, to protect the people, regarding food safety and the like. Tattoos have no other reason for existing, other then to glorify the user, another, or false god's and to degrade the body of Christ.

  7. It is very simple, a Christian is called to live his life following after Jesus not the ways of this world. Jesus, Paul, and others bore scars. People want to quote Leviticus and Many like you Say otherwise about that yet you failed to bring up such scriptures both old and new about being set apart from this world. And what about the verse that says do you not know that those who are friends with this world are at enmity with God? Our first priority needs to be growing in Christ likeness and our second priority is the same as the first

  8. My question is if it’s ok to get some of my tattoos I got in the past covered as I am now walking with God and they don’t represent who I am now, also note that having them removed is way more expensive and painful than just covering them up?

  9. I see what you are getting at, so I'm not so sure as to your meaning, but I am fully against tattoos and piercings. I know to a lot people they don't like what I am going say next but….."your body is a temple, so why defile it with cuttings, piercings and tattoos….you can put a tattoo of a cross, or a favourite verse….it does not make it Christian. The whole thing of cuttings, piercings and tattoos where pagan centered, so (like I said) putting a cross or favourite verse does not make it Christian….period

  10. If God intended for anyone to have tattoos we would have had them at birth, but to the contrary, in Genesis after God made man the Spirit inspired narrative says that " God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good." Now, if God saw all He had made and it was very good, we can be very confident that God made man in the way that He chose to make him, without tattoos. What I believe these men who have arguments that attempt to justify their tattoos fail to understand is that tattoos are graffiti on Gods handywork. God in His wisdom, in His power, in His creative powers created all He did for His pleasure, it is His handywork, it brought pleasure to Him. Now, to you who put tattoos on your body before your conversion to the christian faith all you did by that act is sin, you were born with a sinful, lawless nature which was passed down to you from the first man, Adam. So in your behavior you did what all men do, seek their own pleasure, act like the ungodly do, like the pagans do. Pagans, not knowing the only true and living God, do works which do not please God. They take no thought as to what God thinks of their deeds. But as a christian i do care what my heavenly Father thinks of not only my actions, but my thoughts and words. And I am careful to do all I do to His glory and the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ who bought me with His blood to redemn me from dead works that lead to eternal punishment. He calls me to come out of the world and live to Him. To be a holy people, a royal priesthood. Tattoos emulate the godless people we are told not to be like. Tattoos also show how unthankful you are to God who made you in His image and likeness, even further they show your disdain and contempt towards the way God made you because you think you can remake yourself in your own perverted image you have of yourself, you think you know better than God knows, you fool!!! Tattoos were things pagan people did, are you pagan? You want to be like the world, then try to justify your actions. God commanded the first king of Israel to utterly destroy a certain people, and their animals, he failed to obey thinking he knew better than God! You should read what Samuel the prophet said to him. He tried to justify his disobedience and found himself rejected by God. Read the 15th chapter of 1 Samuel. To see an unthoughtful, unthankful, sinful person who says they have come to know God take paint and mar Gods handiwork thinking his own graffiti is better than Gods work angers me. That person is unthankful and shows no love for God. How sad!!

  11. I like how nobody is talking about how the very act of tattooing is pagan, has its roots in paganism and there's nothing you can do to make it Christian.
    Tattooing is a desire of the flesh.
    Branding yourself? Do you not know that God put His seal of the Holy Spirit on us.
    So called 'Christian tattoos' are an imitation of paganism… They put the names of their gods on their bodies. How different is it when you scar Jesus into your body?

  12. So what you're saying is our bodies being temples only applies to sins of sexual nature and not when it comes to tattoos, taking drugs, smoking, getting drunk, eating junk food?
    The you say, if we can't put pictures on our bodies how should we hang them in churches?
    One question… Who does the Bible says is the temple between you and a building?